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Free Things To Do – City of Boston

You know us, no plans Sally, so when we found ourselves heading toward Boston, MA the wheels started turning and we started planning a great educational jaunt of exactly one day into one of America’s earliest cities!!!  Fun education is our motto, like, don’t let them know they are learning so that when they are […]

Best Portable Solar Options for the Adventure Seeker

  We are not your typical full time RV family, if there is really such a thing.  We are not typical by our size, as we are 14 deep!  Yeah, you read that right!  Not typical by our purpose, we RV for extreme adventure, we are whitewater kayakers and backcountry snowboarders, we are surfers and […]

Why You Should Still Love Ray Rice

With all the righteousness, all the judgments, all the anger and all the hate I have to wonder about the lives people are living.  Where does it come from?  Why so much negativity?  Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves how do we make ourselves happy, how do we positively affect the world around us?  Because […]

Kolpin Powersports $1000 Contest!!!

Kolpin Powersports Feature Story ME AND MY BEST ATV DAY EVER CONTEST!!! That title sounds like something you’d read in a friend’s Facebook post as a caption for an awesome photo or video, doesn’t it? Well, it is actually, or will be soon, thanks to Kolpin Powersports. On Friday, August 15, 2014, Kolpin Powersports kicked-off […]

The Best Education Comes From Traveling – Ottawa, Onatrio

One of my favorite places we went to while touring Canada was Ottawa, ON. We were camping at Poplar Grove Campground. Its about half an hours drive outside the city of Ottawa, which is really nice after a long day in the city to then come to a quiet campground. The thing my mom and […]

Roving Family of 14 Live Together in a Single RV

  • August 31, 2014
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  • No Comments It’s unclear who among the 14 members of the Kellogg clan was first to suggest they never stop travelling, but as the story goes, the rest of the family liked the idea and were quick to jump on board. “Somebody said: ‘We should just sell the house and live in the RV,’” recalled Susie […]

Amazing 9 Year Old Girl Charges the Ottawa River

Maddy was amazing while we were on the Ottawa, she surfed Black’s, Pushbutton and ran the whole river, playing in the swirlies below Butcher’s Block and Norman’s!!  It’s so incredible to watch her grow into someone who LOVES the river as much as we all do!!  Check out Maddy’s amazing blog here: And watch […]

New Brunswick Tourists Live in RV With 12 Children

  • August 25, 2014
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  • 3 Comments A Colorado family visiting New Brunswick this week has taken the idea of a summer camping trip to the extreme. Dan and Susie Kellogg pulled their RV into the Harding Point Campground in Saint John Wednesday after nearly two years on the road, with their 12 children and family dog. “We’re lucky most of […]

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