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Best Place On Earth: Ottawa River!!

“Garb is in” was being echoed throughout the RV as we beelined for OWL Rafting on the Ottawa River … arguably one of the top 3 destinations in North America for our kayaking family! It’s safe to say that everyone in the RV was brimming with excitement. Last year Cardy proclaimed the Ottawa River to […]

CTV Ottawa: Meet the family of 14 travelling around in their RV

  • August 9, 2014
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  • No Comments It’s hard to say which is more remarkable. A family of 14. Or a family that has spent the past two years travelling in an RV. The Kellogg family at Ottawa’s Poplar Grove Campground, Aug. 8, 2014. The Kelloggs are both. Dan and Susie and their 12 kids – all theirs, no twins or […]

How To Get Little Kids to Love To Kayak!!!

Read the original blog about how Kady introduced Elly & Emmy to kayaking, give her some love and feel free to comment!!  She’s such a great coach, so fun and so patient!  Rowdy even decided to surf it after playing around with Kady for a bit!! Here’s the video she put together as well, it’s so […]

“I Would Never …” The Under Cover Parents of the Police State~!

By now I’m certain you’ve heard the news about the mother who was arrested for allowing her 9 year old daughter to play at a park, alone, while she worked.  I’m sure that you’ve formed your judgment regarding her parenting.  It’s been all over the web and I’ve seen so many references to it on […]

How To Raise Your Family & Follow Your Dreams

Stress is something we are all familiar with. The world we live in is the ultimate breeding ground for it and it’s the number one health issue today. It affects us in ways in which we aren’t even aware and wreaks havoc in our lives. Obesity, fatigue, mental fog, sleep issues, digestive problems, anxiety, hives, […]

Boise, ID: Great Family Fun & Educational Too!

I’m blogging at 6 am, quite unheard of for me, but I woke at 4 to watch Grady and Brody compete at the 3rd and final Freestyle (kayaking) World Cup in Sort, Spain.  And, then I started freaking out about things like are the kids brushing their teeth enough and why do I have dull […]

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