Annual New Year’s Day Shoshone Paddle

It was 15 degrees when the annual  Shoshone New Year’s Day paddle commenced!  Crazy, of course!  But fun, fun, fun.

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  • Experiencing nature the way all are living, is a blessing that most of us humans yarn and long for. Kudus to you all for inspiring so many people. I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life working and traveling to the most dangerous places on earth, but nothing pales to the tranquility I am feeling when I look at your family picture diluted in nature’s wonder. You have inspired me to look forward to doing the same, as now I don’t have three acres and 3,000 foot house to pay for and look after. However, I will wait until my three boys are done with college and hope that they can join me on a similar adventure such as yours.
    Muntaha, WV

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