Indoor Football Beatdown; Scrimmage Redskins vs Jets – Rogue Footage!

The real reason we don’t buy nice things? The answer is hidden in this video. I would have a heart attack if I bought a $6k sofa (that I couldn’t afford) and the kids used it for catapult practice. Boys are inherently crazy, and wild (and some little girls too) — they are made that way — and yes they have boundaries, but YES they push those boundaries every minute of every day, so I we learn to not sweat the small stuff!

Somebody Please Help Me, I Think My Kids Gone Crazy! Ya Eminem Lyrics …

What happens when 9 kids and 2 parents are cooped up ALL DAY because of Rain & Sleet? The result isn’t pretty. From incessant hollering to trash can swirlie, the day started nuts and ended equally as crazy! Turn down your volume, grab some Advil/Tylenol/Aspirin, whatever and settle in for insight as to why we are ALWAYS outside seeking an Adrenaline Rush … it’s our means to survival!