Did Caitlyn Jenner Kill the Body Acceptance Movement?

Do you support Bruce Jenner and his physical changes to become Caitlyn Jenner? Doesn’t that contradict the body acceptance movement?

There are two distinctly different movements underway in America today. One that says accept who you are and the other says you must change to become someone else.

The body acceptance movement says accept who you are and the body you were born with. You were born with a unique genetic makeup. There is no one else just like you. We are all unique and special. Don’t accept what society says is normal. Don’t try to look like the ultra-thin models or listen to the media’s definition of beauty. Everybody has their own definition of beauty, but each of us should see the beauty in our own bodies and our unique curves and features.

I recently read about a bigger sized woman, Tess Holliday, that attained her goal of becoming a model. She was proud of her body, not ashamed of her body. There are many larger models that are proud to display their body in front of a camera, even though they are still labeled as “plus-size”. There are many naturally thin models that are beautiful, but there are many women who suffer from Bulimia and other eating disorders or are obsessed with trying to lose weight and make their body into what is deemed as beautiful and acceptable by the modeling industry.

Then there is the LGBT movement, which basically says don’t accept who you are and don’t accept the body you were born with. They are told they should change, go against biology and human nature. This movement tells people to listen to their feelings and desires above all else. Don’t accept your sex. Don’t accept biology. Don’t accept who you are. Somehow a mistake was made and you were given the wrong body or wrong identity. You must change, even if it means drastic surgical procedures and constant drug use.

Nobody can be in support of both of these movements because they completely contradict each other. One encourages acceptance as you were physically created, while the other rejects the physical body. One favors a mental state of accepting the things you cannot change, while the other rejects self-control and relinquishes to desires no matter what the cost.

If you believe in God, then you know that God did not make a mistake when He created you. He made you and He loves you just the way you are. I also believe that you will find true happiness when you accept and love the body that God created for you.

I believe the problem begins when people let their feelings take control of their lives. God gave us free will, but He also gave us a moral compass. We need to use our moral compass to control our feelings and desires, and not act on every whim.

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  • The LGBT community is all about being who you are! They were born that way, God made them that way. Society is the one putting pressure on them to not be who they truly are. They aren’t changing themselves they are becoming themselves. Being transgender does not mean they are gay, it means they arent the same on the inside as they are outside. Imagine being a man but you have a girls body….they are trapped and everybody is telling them they are a gender that they do not feel they are. Look up the CNN special raising ryland, its a good insight on the young trans community. I just dont get where you come from that they LGBT community is about not being who they are….

  • Leah, you are confused. Very confused. God doesn’t make mistakes. He made everyone as they are. What if I decided I was a trapped in a black body and I was really supposed to be white? You’d be cool with me changing to white or even vice versa? Or maybe I really felt I was never supposed to grow up, I wanted to remain a child and so I took hormones for the rest of my life to avoid puberty and stay a child? Or maybe I feel like a dog? Do you understand? Are you fine with anything anyone does? What about pedophiles attraction to children. Did God make them that way and hence, it’s fine? Of course not. But why is that bad? Maybe society just putting pressure on them too?

  • We as people, human, a individuare designed to grow and change constantly from the moment of conception. Whether it be body size, mentality, hormones, color of skin, language preference, etc. We are a forever changing species. It is part of the life experience created by God.

    • Couldn’t agree any less with what you are saying! 🙂 But thanks for being one of the few polite dissenters!!

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