Despicable Me, Home Alone & Drill Wielding Christmas Joy

Day Chock full of shopping, Dr’s and — Dan gets berated for his childish behavior at Targay, Elly’s back at the Dr, and Brody’s in charge of what?

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  • Do you have a bus like the Duggars? Or a huge motor home? We were/are campers and camped all summer.I just found you today.

  • We are planning on taking the family on the road for three years. I have a million questions, so much unknown. My top concerns are: How do you find a doctor on the road (for non ER issues)? I plan on doing virtual school with my one still in school but concerned about consistent internet service, any suggestions (I am so not tech savvy)?

    • We have the best physician who we work with at home … he truly cares about his patients and not his pocket, but honestly, our kids never ever get much more than the stomach bug! 🙂 We tried online school and it did NOT work for us at all. Back to books for the essentials!!

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