Help The World Make an 8 Year Old Boys Dream Come True! #DStrong

I’m going to make this blog quick and short and to the point.  

Cancer Sucks!  It sucks so bad and it affects everyone in this world in one way or another.  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by cancer.  Not one.

I lost my dad at the young age of 54 to ParaThyroid Cancer, the day after Christmas in 1992.  He lost his sister to Breast Cancer and both his parents to cancer as well.  Cancer sneaks into your life and wreaks havoc on the lives of countless families!

As a result, we pray, as a family, every night for so many children with pediatric cancer.

Delaney, Katherine, Sienna, Wes, Hannah, Dorian and Kate to name a few.

Sienna has a really good prognosis, 95% fully cured.  Hannah has finished her cancer regimen and she is NED, Praise God.  Wes is in the middle of the fight for his life, as is Katherine.  I can’t imagine the fear of the unknown, the intense prayers that all will be well, but the constant undeniable, intense worry that maybe it won’t.

And then there is sweet young Delaney.  She is out of treatment options and is now on hospice care.  The horror is beyond my understanding, and yet her family is living it.

And now we come to 8 year old Dorian Murray, for whom I sat to write this blog.

Dorian, is nearing the end of his fight as well … at 8 years old, his parents are preparing for every parent’s worst nightmare.

But Dorian is still fighting and dreaming.  In fact, he’s dreaming a big dream right now.  Today Dorian’s BIG wish is to be famous on “the bridge in China,” meaning the Great Wall of China!   

And you know what?  If we all work together, I think I think we can make his dream come true.

All we need to do is tell our friends and our family, spread this wish across social media using #DStrong and by continuing to pray for Dorian and his family.

Watching someone you love fight and then succumb to cancer is awful.  It makes you feel so incredibly helpless.  And as parents, the helplessness is ten thousand times worse as all you want to do from the moment your child is born is to protect him or her.  That protectiveness is ingrained in you.

I know so many kind, caring, loving people.  Please PLEASE help Dorian’s parents achieve this final goal for their son and make him famous across the globe.  #DStrong

The Gronk is standing with Dorian and his family … let’s join in the movement!
Sweet Dorian – Our prayers are with you and your family!
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