Kadrian (Kady)

Birthdate: October 14, 1998
My Favorite Place I’ve Visited:  The Ottawa River, Canada
I feel Most Creative When:  When I’m Listening to Music
My Advice to Teens:
 Remember That Family Will Always Be There!
Everyone Should: Have a Passion
On My Playlist: Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Adventure Club
My Cheap Thrill: Windows Down, Wind In My Face, Ipod Blaring
Favorite Character: Katniss, Hunger Games
Favorite KelloggShow Episode: Meet the Family
Favorite Food: Ribs
Top of My Bucket List: Traveling All Around the World
What I Do When Chillin: Reading or Watching a Movie
Interesting Fact: I Placed 4th in the ICF Freestyle Kayaking World Championships
My Parents One Word To Describe Me: Leader

I love traveling with my family and seeing the country. I hope someday we will go outside of the US to Europe or Africa. I’ve only been outside our country once and it was when we went to Canada. I trained in Canada for the kayak world championships which I placed 4th in the world. It was an awesome experience. I love to kayak but I also love to snowboard, hike, dirtbike, and play paintball. I’ve been snowboarding ever sense I was 5 and I was always the speed demon scaring my first racing coach by jumping off a mini cliff.  My mom says I’m type A, I like to take control and get things done MY way.  I’m definitely a leader, not a follower.