Kerrigan (Kerry)

Birthdate: November 26, 1993
Favorite Bible Story: Adam & Eve
Favorite Book: The Chronicles of Narnia
Favorite Song: It changes every day!
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Favorite KelloggShow Episode: Pool Party & Explosions
Favorite Food: Anything Mexican
Favorite Sport: Cross Country
Favorite Snack Food: Fruit
Favorite Animal: Giraffe
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Game: Ghost In The Graveyard
What I Do When Chillin: Play Guitar, Write, or Draw
Favorite Family Trip: Dana Point, CA
Favorite School Subject: English & Art
Favorite Quote: “There’s a jungle cat in the bathroom!!!” (From The Hangover)
Chores: Organizing & the occasional babysitting
Interesting Fact: I’m the lead singer and guitarist in the band Wake.
Future Plans: I would like to be a photographer and/or artist

You can’t talk about me without mentioning my brothers and sisters. We’re so close. Even when we were really little, we did everything together. We even made up all these games to play, and we’d name them too. We used to have so many. One was called Lost Kids; we’d run around the house pretending we were lost out in the wilderness. Another was called The Ground Is Lava. This was one of  my favorite games, in which we’d all try to get from one side of a room to another without touching the ground. We’d climb on top of dressers and stand on doorknobs in order to do this. Kady and I had a game all to ourselves too. It was called Teenagers, and the name speaks for itself. We used to pretend we were in highschool. It all seems so silly now, but those games are my best memories of elementary school. Now that I’m in highschool, I’ve started a band called Wake. I came up with the name by flipping through a dictionary with my eyes closed and then randomly pointing to a word. I think it worked very well. We’re going to start writing our own songs soon, but I’ve been writing my own lyrics for a long time. I also write short stories and have started countless books. Unfortunately, I get bored of the books before I get very far. Sometimes I try to draw the characters in my stories to keep myself interested, but I usually get carried away and end up drawing for hours.