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397698_502543319796553_72659358_nIt’s been forever since I wrote a blog, and so much has happened that would appear to demand a blog! First, and best of all, Coby was born! What an incredible and amazing birth his was. Now I can truly say I’ve delivered every way possible … and SURVIVED! But even more amazing is who he is. He is the sweetest, cutest, chubbiest, most adorable baby in the world! Seriously, he’s not even 3 months old and he’s pushing 15 lbs!! Adored and cherished by all, he is nothing short of a miracle.

Then, of course, we went to TX for two weeks and The Today Show flew in to San Marcos to film us traveling and kayaking. They then came up to Colorado to film us as we finished packing up our house and drive on out! That last day, the day we were supposed to leave by noon, according to Dan, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We had about 15 visitors, 100 million fixer projects before our tenants moved in, a visit from the tenants with bank issues, and our Suburban died and had to be towed to the storage facility! We finally left around 5 or so, the Producer had to leave an hour or so earlier to catch a flight home, and the camera and sound guys hung out and waited for us to get our act together. They were crazy patient and when we finally left it was too dark for them to get much outta the departure! But such is our life. You roll with the punches and face the trials head on with a “Bring It” type attitude, right? Cuz, if you can’t and/or don’t, what are you left with?  

Now we’ve been on the road for 15 days and I gotta say it’s been the best 15 days! We stopped in at Rock Island, having had hope that we could put in an order for a gazillion boats, but that won’t happen until after tax refunds grace our accounts. The traveling lifestyle hits home when you are scraping pennies for gas!! However, as expected, we did have an epic day surfing at Rock Island. Both generators were running and the water was perfect!! We didn’t stay the night, instead opting to beeline for Alabama and hook up with fellow Jackson Paddler, Jeremy Adkins, for a week of creeking, surfing and all around amazing fun.

There is something truly amazing about AL, or at least the part of AL we’ve been blessed to see and play in. I don’t know if it’s Jeremy, if it’s where he lives, if it’s the people we’ve met, if it’s the weather, the water, the rivers or what, but I don’t think we’ve ever been so relaxed and stress-free. I can’t tell you how sure we are of the decisions we’ve made thus far. Renting and leaving our home, was tough, but as we travel as a family and meet new people and see new places, we can’t help but feel a sense of renewed patriotism and strengthened faith in God. The water we paddle, the mountains we snowboard, the cliffs we climb, the trails we bike … all are so full of beauty, it’s breathtaking, exhilarating and humbling. All these places have been here forever and will be here long after we have passed. It makes you realize how short our time here really is. Which makes us want to make the most of every second, every minute.

And then there is something extraordinary about all of us being together. It feels so right. It’s exactly what we are supposed to be doing right now, right here. Being off the grid, out of the societal system enables us to make our own schedules, live our own lives and be absolutely true to ourselves, our true, pure selves. We’ve always enjoyed spending time together, but it was always an hour here or a half hour there. We were stretched so thin between school and sports and work and errands that we might meet at dinner and then scatter immediately after to do what we needed to do. We thought this was what was best for our family, our kids. Socialization, every sport imaginable, every extra-curricular activity. Rush rush rush was the name of the game.

I’m so thankful that God spoke to our hearts and we were always in search of something better. Now better is exactly what we are doing. We are living our version of the American Dream. And in our version we are all together experiencing the same things; what’s more is that we get to see it through so many different lenses. And this is what I love about kayaking, climbing, snowboarding and biking. Dan and I get to experience it all with them. We are living out a second childhood. Instead of living vicariously through our kids, we are living alongside our kids! That’s the best life ever!!

Obviously, socialization is not something you must seek out. It naturally happens, unless you live in a bubble. Our kids encourage each other, they coach each other, they police each other and they love each other. They have built-in BFF’s and they are meeting new people in every new stop – both kids and adults.

Brody ran into a “kid” a few years older than him yesterday on the Mulberry River. This “kid” recognized him as one of the KelloggShowKids and was really psyched to be paddling at the same wave. He asked Brody all sorts of questions about the different wave moves and Brody had him clean spinning in 2 surfs. Dally met an older guy on the same river the same day who, again, recognized him as one of the Kellogg kids and introduced Dally to his daughter, a 10 year old who was just learning to boat. He let her jump into his boat and paddle around in the eddy because her dad had heard Jackson boats were the best … she loved everything about it, except the color!! LOL!

This lifestyle also allows our kids to remain kids for as long as they wish. They run, climb trees, build fires, play pranks, wrestle, yell, scream, holler and laugh all day everyday. Dally summed up the enticement of RV life in one simple sentence: “I like having my house on wheels because I can go anywhere I want without having to pack and plan.” Yes! Freedom. Freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want! We don’t play well by other people’s rules. We don’t like to be told what we can and cannot do. This nomad life is exactly what we were born to do!

And it doesn’t hurt that sometimes we are treated like rock stars by people who recognize us from YouTube or our blog! I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world.  

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  1. says: Elizabeth

    Wonderful blog, beautiful family. You are very inspiring. Keep it up, I just found you through your youtube channel and can’t wait to read more.

  2. says: Keegan Segura

    Hey Kellogg Family! Keegan here and I am very excited to be talking to you guys.. Especially before this blows up, and you have your own hit show on TV. (I see that happening very soon guys).

    I am just here to say Hi, and let you all know that what you are doing is great! I have had a few questions about your lifestyle and would appreciate any help..

    Currently, I am 21 years old, about to be attending college in Oklahoma Pretty soon.. I always thought my family was decent and that we had some fun family activities throughout my life, but nothing compares to what you guys are doing.

    Driving around, doing fun stuff all the time, and having adventures.. Sounds like a perfect life honestly.. but how does someone work up to something like that? I’m guessing you guys don’t exactly work if you travel all the time, so how do you afford this? Did you sell your home for a lot of money and plan to live off that? Did you acquire a sponsor?

    Obviously this is something not everyone can do, I know if I just sold my place, and left I would be broke within a few weeks and worst off than I was… but if I could ever manage to figure out how to go about doing this I would in a heartbeat.. It has always been a dream to travel the world, and just see what kind of adventures I could come across.

  3. says: Julie M. Rocco

    Love watching your adventures of kayaking, but I gotta tell you … it scared the breath out of me on several occasions. I’m thrilled for your family. If I could do it all over again in life I would take my time and allow God to find me the right man instead of thinking I knew all the answers, we’d have a very large family, and I would homeschool. You obviously got it right the first time around. Continued blessings to the Kellogg Family. <

  4. says: Ditzzeechick

    I’d like to know how your change in lifestyle is being financed. I think many of us would like to toss it all to the wind (college tuition, retirement, healthcare benefits, etc.) but feel confined by “reality”. Please share the nitty gritty, thanks.

    1. says: Dan

      Dan works on the road … he’s a software engineer. I think if we can make it work with 12 kids, ANYONE can!!! Sometimes you just have to DO IT!!! 🙂

  5. says: Stormy

    Such a wonderful feeling you all must experience every day-I truly believe less is MORE when speaking about material things. I so wish my family could follow your footsteps-what bonds you all must have. Enjoy every minute! May God Bless you through this great journey!

  6. Hi:
    How do the kids get their schooling with so many ages together? My parents wanted to get an airstream and travel around like you when he retired. He never got the chance. My wife and I have those ideas also, but we need t wait a year until the last boy graduates college. I think maybe you guys are actually doing this as an unofficial representation of all the people like us that want to or never got the chance. Be sure to visit the Redwoods.

  7. says: Karen Thomason

    Love hearing your story, my husband and I planned to retire and travel, working at campgrounds and resorts. But our dream faded when he passed away suddenly in 2010. I am now staying where we were close to my children. Hoping to see Alaska again, and to travel to Ireland one day… but traveling in the RV was so much fun! God Bless you all… and keep on moving down the road, every bend is an adventure.

  8. We recently saw your interview on Today show and thought we must meet down the road soon. We to are a traveling family with two boys (14 and 16yrs) and just sold our home in Michigan last October. We to believe the homeschool and life adventure is priceless and house and work can be replaced with memories. Anyway just wanted to acknowledge the lifestyle. Drop us a comment at our blog and maybe our paths will cross. Good luck on your travels.

  9. says: Deb Reed

    So thrilled for you! I am retiring in 2 yrs and 8 mos. Going at 62! and I plan to live in an RV, too. I won’t be rich, but I’m not rich now, just working every day! I am single and finally figured out I can still do what I want even without a man! Can’t wait! Wish I had done what you are doing with my kids! , but what are you living on? the book? Wish you all the luck and love in the world!

  10. says: Barb Harburg

    I am so inspired! I have 9 children and we still go on adventurous vacations however now all of them are adults except two….and flying the coop so to speak. I wish we had been able to do what you do full time when they were growing up.
    I will pray that the Lord continue to bless you.

  11. says: Will P.

    What fun it is to see your family doing this! Brings back memories of my childhood when my family would drive across country from Arkansas to Oregon to visit my mother’s family. We would stop here and there across the country. I truly loved those times and my parents truly instilled a passion for traveling in me. What a picturesque way to raise your family. Keep God first in your travels and hope you will never forget this time as a family. Be encouraged.

  12. says: Becky

    You are blessed. In the past, in Europe you would have been pegged a PIKE. I was onece a lay midwife before being a NP God Bless as you experience everyday the life of your family.

  13. says: jo

    Am I paying for all this? Please tell me this isn’t another welfare family enjoying life while I work to pay for their food stamps cause they won’t get a steady job like everyone else. I see they are already so excited abou tax-return time, yep keep having those kids for that reason.

    1. says: Susie

      Please tell me you don’t seriously think we walked into the Social Service office and said, “Hey, gimme one of those free Obama RV’s”?? We are excited about tax return times because we paid taxes … people who pay taxes are gainfully employed! Duh!

  14. says: Grandma Judy

    Your kids are a whole lot more “normal” acting than those Duggar kids…and your’s sure seem to have a lot more fun!

  15. says: LaShawn

    I just read some of your post and you are so inspiring I truly wish I was financially able to pick up my family and do this. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures and your family. What a lovely family you have. Refreshing to read about a family that has such a tight bond with one another.

  16. Kudos on your RV adventures…..I am SO jealous. We have a small (23 foot) Jayco hybrid and really enjoy camping and my wife and I cannot wait to “retire” so we can full-time it ourselves. Good Luck Kelloggs and remember to stay Safe-n-Sane out there! I will definitely bookmark your blog to keep up with your travels.

  17. says: Pamela

    totally inspired by your family!!!! Might have to bite (that’s Bronx, NY for “copy what you’re doing”) Stay free; stay blessed!

  18. says: Michelle

    I think it’s great what you are all doing! I’ve always wanted to do that and think its a great experience for all your children! Yet how are you able to afford t? It has to be costing a fortune for food and gas, as well as all other expenses. (But especially gas!) If you’re living solely on the money you received from the sale of your home, what are you going to do once the money is exhausted? Do you worry considering you have no home to return to? Enjoy and safe journey to you all!

  19. says: judy wangler

    this is first ive heard of your family, took alot of decision making to sell and travel looks great will be following your adventures

  20. says: Tripp and Lisa Presnell

    Kellogg Family – We are so excited to see what you are doing. It is reaffirming to see others embracing life and living in freedom! We have a little girl, Mackie, who is 4, and boy, Finn, who is 5. We are also paddlers, climbers, and bikers, but are not ready to hit the road seeking adrenaline just yet. Instead, we are buying a sailboat to go explore the world (or parts of it) for a few years by water, with the plan to trade the boat for a land-yacht once the kids are a little older so we can hit the mountains and rivers. We look forward to following your adventures online!

  21. says: Trae

    Awesome! My husband travels the world & I am at home with 3 boys the majority of the time. We hope to adopt a girl from Africa or another 3rd world country in coming years. I would LOVE to get in an RV and travel North and South America & beyond! You and your family are in my prayers… Have a blast together as a family! Remember God is the driver =)

  22. says: MonaLiza

    Wow, amazing! We are also living on an RV full timing but there is just the two of us. I can just imagine what its like with yours. I come from a big family myself, number 11 to be exact and that is a riot. Safe Travels and enjoy. The kids will definitely have the best experiences in life as you travel around.
    Lowe’s RV Adventures.

  23. says: is smart

    hi there, i’m from malaysia…your activity really make me excited…really hope i can join all of your activity lol…now i’m working as a designer in an oil and gas company…everyday…the same chair..same office…when i’m going to work…it still dawn and dark..when i get back home it already dusk…everyday is the same for me…lol…i miss all the possibilities an adventure…hahaha

    your family is great..send my regards to all your family members… 🙂

  24. says: Dyanna

    What a great family adventure you are on. We also did the same, albeit only with our three boys, but we also were off the grid. Doing our own thing, on our own time. The best education you can give your kids is actually experiencing it, rather than reading about it.

    We too are a very close family and this made it work. We’ve seen things that most people could only imagine, we traveled highways and back roads and kept off the interstate as much as possible.

    Its a shame that most people fear the unknown. If they don’t have a schedule and a routine they just fall apart. There are always excuses why they can’t do something.
    If they’d just realize that all you have to do is do it. It doesn’t cost a fortune, in fact, gas and food are your biggest expenses. It is much cheaper than paying a rental or house payment, utilities, car payments ect.

    So enjoy your journeys, enjoy your children and most of all enjoy life!

  25. says: Rick roberts

    There was an older story of a family that I believe was forced out of house and job with an airstream . So there may be a manual for your referance library . Hope you brought your vehicle manuals ?!
    And a copy of robin williams in RV ? What not to do ?! A chuckle a day keeps the doctor away ! the honey dews do not stop ! ha ha

  26. says: love God

    How are you? It is amazing how much God has blessed you, may many more have many blessings here and in the hereafter. Take time to learn about the messenger sent by Jesus(dua) “The Comforter/paraclete has arrived!…I hope you read the new book in teh book section “The 13th disciple”..maybe you will join us in egypt soon with many of our pious familes

  27. says: Valerie

    Awesome! I am so happy for you and your family. Many people dream big dreams of things like this but never act on them. Life is too short. If you love what you are doing, and not afraid to take chances (as it seems you guys aren’t) I would say the sky is the limit. God Bless!

  28. says: Alex Cranmoore

    You imply you’re Christians and use the language “raising a badass family”?

    “Let no unwholesome word proceed out of your mouth”.

  29. says: Kathryn

    Hi your family is BEAUTIFUL. I love your love. We have only two children and I realize that each one is a gift and the more the better. At the time my husband thought only of finances, providing for the family that way, and decided to get a vasectomy. I signed for it too, I am Catholic and at the time I thought it was ok because he was doing it not me. Ah, how wrong I was, and I was not really a Catholic then. Well, I am now, and when in confession I had the most compassionate priest, he listened quietly as I sobbed and sobbed. I see the cherub-like faces of your kids and I am so happy for you. So very happy. The absolute only thing I haven’t seen on your website (and I haven’t looked at all of it) is mention of Baptism and the sacraments for your kids. Other than those most important precious gifts, you’ve made it apparent they have EVERYTHING. God love you and keep you! 🙂

  30. says: Kerry

    OH mY Gosh! how super awesome is this. I wanted to do this when I was 55 when ALL my kids are gone…but wait you just told me I could do this now…How exciting this is! I have always wanted to RV…now the summers are ours…I envy you guys for I have a brick and mortar business and non profit organization that I truly can not leave behind…Summer is ours to party… thanks for the encouragement. Use my email to keep me posted. One question…how do you pay your bills? LoL…must be my business mind talking…Enjoy you guys…thanks!

  31. says: mary

    You sold your house, or you are renting? Do you get money from Govt. to help with kids? Just trying to understand how you survive, buy groceries, gas, clothes, etc.
    I wuld lve to travel, since i am retired, but can’t figure how to pay bills, utilities etc ….. my kids are grown

  32. says: susan primack

    Hi Guys,

    We packed up our family as well, we are in Europe, we rented our house, stored our cars, and left…we are traveling around Europe and not knowing the language other than English was nerve racking, but we have met some wonderful people and are also living our dream before we are too old to enjoy it..we don’t have a large family like yours…we have 5 kids, and a yellow 7 year old lab…we have been here almost 5 months, and just had a great ski trip to Switzerland, France, and Italy to ski the Alps…its so beautiful, and hiking, and biking, and running…through these hills are amazing…even my dog is in shape… well, I will be following you, and we are on f b as well under Susan Primack…give us a shout sometime…congrads…with the new born, our granddaughter was born in December…. good luck and live the dream…cause you can…

  33. says: Michelle

    Our families are very similar. I am mother of 11 amazingly wonderful children. We happen to live a stationary existence….not quite sure hubby would be ready for the road trip! If you are ever in southwestern PA…we would love to have you visit!!!! We have a big farm…lots of fun for the kids! God Bless you on your pilgrimage!
    In the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph ~ Michelle

  34. says: Charline

    Wow! Can you use a grandma on your travels? You should consider Las Vegas in your travels. The desert is going to burst into bloom this year about April or May. We had gently , soaking rains last week, instead of the usual gulley washers. Lake Mead is surprisingly warm in the Spring, and there are wild burros living in the rocks around it. The casinos are amazing, some have great children’s discounts. Try Harrah’s Club. We went to the new Wynn Casino, so much food, but very pricy.
    Have fun!
    Another suggestion: British Columbia. I fell in love with Victoria last Spring. You can go whale watching in an inflatable Zodiak boat, kayak in beautiful inland waterways, walk Butchart Gardens.

  35. says: Candida Armendariz

    Could you please change your facebook page to a public figure? I tried to add as a friend, but you have too many requests. I think if you are a public figure that error wont happen.

  36. says: Salle

    We just saw your story today on Yahoo news. We are planning to do the same! We are in the process of selling our home and if all goes well we plan to start full time rv’ing this June when our kids finish the school year. Our family and friends are excited and can’t wait to follow our adventures. All we hear is “I wish I could do the same! Can I go with you?” Congratulations on seeing the light! I plan on a webpage as well when we start our travels, I’ll be sure to follow yours! God Bless!

  37. says: Melissa

    I am soooo jealous. If we could find a way to take a trim carpentry business on the road, I think we would do this in a heartbeat!! We’ve actually discussed it before. I guess for now we will settle for being able to take vacations when we want because we are self-employed. At least we have that!

  38. says: JenW

    Good luck to you…but I personally like having a home and feeling grounded/secure. Traveling is fun but I just have that great feeling when I get home…like I belong here. So I like that your doing as you feel led…but it’s not the life for everyone.

    1. says: Susie

      Thank you! This life is definitely not for everyone, thats for sure. We have this ingrained deep down in our blood. 🙂 It was a hard decision, but one we are thrilled we made! Best to ya!!

  39. says: Erik

    I. Just. Heard. Bout. U. And. Your. Amazing family. 2day. And. I. Can’t. Stop. Watching your. YouTube vids u guys. Are. So. Blessed. And. Your. Love. For. One another. Is. So. Apparent coby. Is so. Lucky to. Hav such. A loving. Family

  40. says: R.Kellogg

    Hey, we share the same last name, lol, lol. I’m wondering when your family will grow out of the RV and what your long term plans are. It seems more like an extended vacation than anything else, but all good things must come to an end. It all comes down to money, no money, no gas, no gas, no RV. No RV, no more traveling, and you’ll have to settle down once again. Although I think having the kids seeing the country is a good thing. And it’s amazing what the USA has to offer too. Being a OTR Truck Driver I know how beautiful this country is and how much it has to offer, but for the kids sake I think it’s time for a little stability. JMO……

    1. says: Susie

      Stability is what we are giving them: a stable home, a stable family, stable parents, stable environment, stable schooling, stable stable stable. Dan has a stable job even. The kids even have stable income from their videos on Youtube — This is an indefinite adventure. Sure it will end one day, we just don’t know what day that will be! Trust me, we’ve looked at all the angles, and what we are giving them transcends any education they would get in a school or even simply homeschool.

  41. says: Faith

    My husband and I and our 3year old son are moving into an RV and doing the same as soon as we pay off our jeep. I have used your blogs and stories to keep me driven to achieve this goal of ours. We started with me pregnant in an rv (you know the ones with the bed above the cab) at 7 months that was not possible for me to go to bed anymore. My fat butt couldn’t get up there! hopefully we will be on our anventure in the next 1 to 2 years. Can’t wait! I’ve known I wanted to homeschool since before Journey was born. Little nervous though. You have helped me and inspired us. Thanks.

  42. says: Kathy Hardy

    We saw ya’ll going down the road yesterday in Western North Carolina!!! I rolled down my window and waved to all of you!!! Happy Travels! I think what you are doing is awesome!

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