KelloggShow Adventurers 2014 Gift Buying Guide

And it’s HERE!!  The long awaited, much anticipated, incredible, amazing, mind blowing 2014 KelloggShow Gift Guide!!

Now, it sounds as though it’s a list of gifts you can give us, and while that would be a super fun list to write, it wouldn’t be a fun list to read.  And so, just in time for the 2014 Holiday Season, we’ve come up with some of the coolest gifts for the adventurous, wild, traveling type peeps in your life.

This is the only gift guide you will need.  We painstakingly went through all the amazing products we use in our adrenaline charged lives and are passing them on to you!!

Every single item on this list is used (and abused) by our family and we absolutely put our seal of approval on it.   If it made it into this list, you can be assured we use it and love it!  If we use it and love it, then it is rugged and can withstand some incomparable abuse!  You will find super cool items in this list for every budget … we promise!

Adventure | Solar | Staying Connected | Camping | Eating Well | Road Schooling | Baby Gear

Adventure Seeker/Water Lover:

Jackson Kayak

golden4 (Small)
No adventurer can rest unless they have tried whitewater kayaking.  Now before you freak out, there’s a river and a boat for everyone of any age any and any skill level, from beginner to expert!  But beware, if you try kayaking, you’ll never ever stop!  We started mid 2010 and it changed our lives … I mean, now we live in an RV and travel the country setting the bar high for adrenaline!!  Jackson Kayak is a family owned company, located in TN and they make the best boats on the market, making anyone in a JK boat brim with confidence and excitement!  $700 & Up Buy Now

Glide SUP

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is one of the fastest growing water sports and if you have a water loving person on your gift list a Glide SUP is definitely worth mulling over.  100% Made in the USA, Utah, to be exact, Glide has a board for every type of paddling: recreational flat-water, high adrenaline whitewater, surf, race, yoga — you name it!!!  Our favorite board is the Lochsa.  It’s super stable, even Dan can ride down the river on it!  In fact, it just might be the best downriver paddleboard made!  $800 & Up Buy Now [clear]

Accent Paddle

No paddling adventure, either SUP or kayaking, is complete without a paddle and Werner delivers great performance, fit and comfort in all their products.   Made in Sultan, WA, Werner Paddles improve your performance and your fun on the water!!  $150 & Up


Kokatat Drytop

Everyone likes to stay warm and dry and on cooler days it’s essential for comfort and for extending the fun!  Kokatat gear is arguably the best paddling gear made … it’s designed by paddlers for paddlers and they stand behind their product with a lifetime guarantee against defects in manufacturing and materials.  AND, Kokatat is made in the USA — Arcata, CA to be exact!!  $200 & Up Buy Now [clear]

Shred Ready Helmet

No day on the water (or on the mountain) is complete without a helmet!  And oh how we love our Shred Ready helmets.  Not only are the guys over at Shred Ready the coolest and baddest group of peeps, their lids save lives!  Located in Auburn, AL they are another epic Made in the USA company!  $36 & Up Buy Now [clear]

Snap Dragon SpraySkirt

Most types of kayaking need a sprayskirt to cover the cockpit of the kayak so that water doesn’t flood in and for this purpose we turn to Snap Dragon.  Snap Dragon is our goto skirt of choice simply because they are trustworthy and solid!  SnapDragon is based out of Seattle, WA and is constantly seeking to improve performance and comfort with the latest construction features and materials!  $100 & Up. Buy Now [clear]

Astral Otter PFD

astralpfd (Small)
Our one major rule: No-one goes near the river without a PFD and no-one hops in a kayak in any body of water without one either.  And this PFD is seriously awesome.  It’s super comfortable and fits like a glove to any body type in the 50-90 lb range and the flotation protects ribs and organs.  Made with the same quality details of Astral’s adult PFD’s we trust them with our kid’s lives!  $90 Buy Now [clear]

Astral Rasslers

River shoes on steroids is what these are.  These shoes are Brody’s absolute favorite water shoes in the world.  They are meant to take one from the river to hiking rocky unstable terrain.  They earned the esteemed National Geographic Adventure Gear of the Year award in 2013. They are seriously badass!  $85 Buy Now [clear]

Immersion Research Fleece (Union Suit)

Do you have a young adventurer on your list?  Or maybe just a young at heart adventurer?  The IR Union Suit is hands down the best layering piece for any outdoor activity, ever!  It’s super soft, super warm, and even doubles as pajamas for those days when coming off the river or the slopes is simply all you can do before you plop down in a big ole leather chair in front of the fire with a cup of beautifully hot Hot Chocolate.  Kids: $59 Buy Now Adults: $99 Buy Now [clear]

Go Pro 4 Black

gp4 (Small)
This in anyone’s gift bag would be earth shattering.  How do I know?  5 of our kids got Go Pros for Christmas last year and it was earth shattering.  No, they are not cheap, but we adventure for a living and when you adventure for a living, you need a camera that is virtually indestructible and the Go Pro is that camera.  The 4 Black is the most advanced Go Pro to date and it seems to have left the problems of the earlier gens behind.  If the Go Pro is beyond the scope of your wallet and know that your loved one already has one, try looking at the accessories on the GoPro website!  $499 Buy Now [clear]

EJ’s Rolling and Bracing

If you love a wanna-be paddler, this is the video for you! Actually, if you love (or know) a paddler, this video would be such a great gift. It’s the most comprehensive, thorough self teaching video on the market.  EJ breaks the roll down in such a way that anyone, can understand and then takes the viewer from beginner to how to make your roll bomb proof!  In fact, Dan learned from this DVD and then taught every single one of us how to roll using the exact techniques EJ describes.   $30 Buy Now [clear]


Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Kit

yeti 150
This has been a lifesaver for us when we are traveling and don’t have power hook-ups.  It’s expensive to run our RV generator and it’s soooo nice to be able to use the sun’s power, which is free, to keep our phones, lights, laptops, cameras, and tablets all charged regardless of the situation.  Perfect for emergencies, camping or whenever you need power!  $399 Buy Now [clear]

Enerplex Kickr IV

photo (4)
Perfect for all outdoorsmen and women.  From the top of a Colorado 14’er to the bank of the river, you can use the Kickr IV to garner the power of the sun and charge any USB device!  It’s fully flexible and when I say that, I mean you can literally fold it in half!  Add that to the fact that it weighs less than 1 lb and it’s perfect for attaching to the outside of a pack or attaching to a bike!  What’s more is that it’s indestructible.  It is so rugged that we accidentally ran over the Kickr IV charger with our truck and it kept on working!   Made in good ole Thornton, CO.  $129.99 Buy Now [clear]

Enerplex Jumpr 5K

Do you know a weekend warrior who doubles as a corporate hack during the week?  The  award winning Jumpr 5K is a crazy slim mAh battery that’s perfect for placing in a binder, a planner or a folder for on the go charging.  Most impressively it comes with a tethered Micro-USB cable to encourage easy charging!!  And, being Enerplex, it’s made in the US! $60 Buy Now [clear]

Enerplex Jumpr Max

This is the most powerful Enerplex portable solar charger we have and utilize.  It’s a 10,000 mAh battery that charges multiple devices at the same time!!  That’s right folks, if your phone needs charging and so does your camera or tablet, no worries, it can take care of them both!  Just toss the Jumpr Max in your pack along with your phone, camera, tablet or whatever and this lightweight battery goes to work!!  $70 Buy Now [clear]

Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool Kit

This is a phone charger, flashlight, solar panel and individual cooling center all in one!  Don’t let the small size deceive you, at 160 Lumens, the flashlight is super bright for lighting up the trail and piercing the darkness and the small size is ideal for tossing in a pack or a bag to pull out when needed!   $119 Buy Now [clear]

Goal Zero Light-a-Life LED Lantern

We really love these lights, they are perfect for stringing around a campsite,, the beach, and the backyard for perfect visibility.  We have two that we string together … you can string up to 8 for the brightest lights this side of the Northern Lights!  $49.99 Buy Now [clear]

Goal Zero Rockout 2 Solar Speaker

This is easily the coolest item on the list!  Tunes make everything, even the most fun things, that much more fun.  You’ll catch us with this rugged solar speaker propped up on some rocks while we surf, you’ll see it secured to the front of our SUP on some easy class I/II rapids, it’ll always be blaring while dirtbiking, bungeed to our mountain bike and/or our packs, we even set it up high in a tree while playing paintball and on the side of the road in a pick up game of street hockey.  This is the bomb.  It’s totally weatherproof (and splash proof) and really, most importantly, the speaker is quite loud, and … wait for it … chainable.  Yep, you can chain it with other rockout speakers for a really killer party!  It can be charged via the sun or USB.  And the run time is an astronomical 20 hours!  $130 Buy Now [clear]

Goal Zero Torch 250

This is a must for any adventurer that goes off the grid, from backpackers to hunters to backcountry skiers and snowboarders, to kayakers.  It is also a vital tool for home dwellers during any outage!  This light is the most reliable emergency power HUB and light for any situation!  It has a built-in USB charging cable, built-in solar panel and hand crack for bright light anywhere.  Within this very rugged, water resistant power hub you’ll find a red light for emergencies, a 70 Lumen Floodlight, a 180 Lumen Spotlight and a USB port to charge your phone.  $80 Buy Now [clear]

All American Sun Oven

asun (Small)
No-one wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking on a beautiful sunny day which is one of the many reasons we absolutely LOVE the All American Sun Oven!  Sounds crazy, but this oven can seriously cook, bake, boil and even dehydrate using the FREE resources given to us by the sun!  It reaches temperatures of 360-400 degrees and I’ve baked lasagna, pasteurized water AND dehydrated fruit and veggies all in our awesome Sun Oven!! What’s more is that it does so in the same amount of time as your oven at home! Remarkable!!  As the name suggests, this baby is Made in the USA!!   $349-$399 Buy Now [clear]

Staying Connected:

Wilson Electronics DT4G Cellular Signal Booster

Travelers and adventurers always want to share their experiences, but typically we are in very remote areas which makes it near impossible to acquire decent cell signals!  Enter the DT4G.  The Wilson DT4G Cellular Signal Booster Kit is the best booster on the market and has made it possible for Dan to work in some of the country’s most remote places!  The DT4G works with all carriers, it boosts all data speeds, including 4G, it amplifies the signal inside, eliminating the dead zones, and it boosts both voice and data.  We could NOT live without the DT4G!!  It keeps Dan making the cash, and the kids making videos!!  $345 Buy Now [clear]


Cam-O-Bunk – Stacking Camping Cots

camobunk (Small)
We looked high and low for additional sleeping arrangements and then we came across the Cam-O-Bunk from Disc-O-Bed, ending our search.  We were skeptical of it’s comfort until we had the opportunity to try one ourselves.  While setting them up and breaking them down every night for sleeping in the RV became a drag, setting them up in the tent and leaving them up for the entire duration of our stay at any given campground is AWESOME! Their site actually says, designed for the outdoor enthusiast in mind.  You can bunk it, bench it or turn it into two single cots, whatever your preference!!  $300 Buy Now [clear]

National Parks Pass

moab road schooling
Yes, I went here!  National Parks are our gateway to seeing some of the most beautiful land in the country and they are full of American history.  More than 400 National Parks display American history in all its diversity, “from ancient archeological places to the homes of poets and presidents, sobering stories of Civil War Soldiers and civilians to the legacy of a courageous woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus, our history is part of who we were, who we are and it shapes who we will be. ” Give the gift of History and Exploration to you outdoor enthusiast!  $80 Buy Now

Monkey Slings Hammocks

asling (Small)
Hammocks.  The very symbol of relaxation, peace, quiet and comfort.  Ahhhhh, just writing about it makes me calm.  Every adventurer needs a place to come back to that helps them to unwind and recharge for the next days adventures and coming back to a Monkey-Slings hammock by the river, on the top of a mountain, near the ocean, in a canyon, or even in your backyard is literally akin to heaven on earth.  Trust me on this one, and while, yes, these babies are epic for relaxation, they are also workhorses for those who love backpacking.  They are uber lightweight and take up zero space.  This. Is. An. Awesome. Present!  And of course, they are made right here in the good ole US of A!  $65 Buy Now

Kelty Cosmic 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

abag (Small)
Built to keep you toasty and warm on cold nights without breaking the bag, this bag does exactly what it claims …it is warm, comfy and crazy durable, not to mention lightweight!  Shop around … $90 & Up Buy Now [clear]

Lynx Levelers

alynx (Small)
We would be dead without these guys!!  I see them being used by the majority of RV’ers in campgrounds and while they apparently are needed there, they are of absolute necessity for those of us who prefer to drycamp down by a river or at the base of a mountain, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature.  In short, if you know someone who has a vehicle, RV or Camper Trailer that ever needs to be leveled, Behold, Lynx Levelers!  AND, they are indeed, Made in the USA!!  $33 & Up Buy Now [clear]

Eating Well:


avita (Small)
If you asked me what is the one thing I can’t live without, the Vitamix blender would hands down be my answer.  It is my lifeline.  Quick healthy breakfasts, smoothies, snacks, soups, dips, nut butters, nut milks, dressings, frozen desserts and so much more come alive in the Vitamix.  Add that it is self-cleaning and that is all, I am done.  Seriously, the Vitamix is my everything.  We have smoothies every morning made with superfoods to give my family health, vitality, energy and brain power.  A vibrant healthy lifestyle is what we lead and a large part of that equation is the food we ingest.  The Vitamix Blender plays a huge roll in the life of our family!  $378 & Up Buy Now [clear]

True Induction Double Burner Cooktop

atrue (Small)
90 Seconds to boiled water.  No open flames.  Energy Efficient.   AND,  True Induction  is the cooktop of choice for Winnebago!  That sold me initially and then the cooktop itself earned  a spot on this elite list!  I can’t live without it.  Our next RV will have a  True Induction Inset Model for sure!  LOVE.  $324 Buy Now [clear]

Road Schooling:

All About Reading – Level 1

abr1 (Small)
I’m not sure I can rave about this Reading Curriculum enough.  Why?  Because Rowdy, the most stubborn non-reader on the planet, actually enjoys it AND learns from it.  Yes, you read that correctly, enjoy and learn in the same sentence about my awesome, sweet, wild little Rowdy!  I won’t go into details here as I’ve fully reviewed the program on our blog which you can find here, but know it’s worth it’s weight in gold!!  If you love a family that is homeschooling, either on the road or otherwise, this would be a wonderful gift!!  $99.95 Buy Now

E-Reader Gift Cards

akindle (Small)
I love when reading enthusiasts send gifts because we hit the mother-lode in the area of E-book gift cards!  Perfect for the traveler or the adventurer because there is no additional clutter and they can go out and choose any book that interests them.  Climbing Everest, get a book on it.  Interested in Survival?  There’s a book on it.  Want to learn to sew?  You guessed it there’s a gazillion books on it.  Most humans have some sort of eReader in their arsenal of electronic gadgets, even the Kellogg’s have Kindles and iPad’s, so this is one heck of an awesome gift that is great for an entire family or an individual!!  $5 & Up Buy Now [clear]

Baby Gear:

Bum Genius Cloth Diapers

abum (Small)
Whoa, you say, cloth diapering while traveling or adventuring?  Nightmare!  Sooo Not true!  Cloth diapering while living off the grid or committing to long hikes or RV’ing, or whatever you consider wild and crazy is actually so much easier than you thought!  So, don’t give up on being a steward of the earth (or your addiction to the adorable little patterns) just because you’re not at home. $18  Buy Now [clear]

Ciao Baby High Chair

Oh my gosh, this chair made camping so so SO easy!  We didn’t have to worry about our little Coby falling into the fire, or off the picnic bench or swallowing poisonous mushrooms while our backs were turned, you know tending to dinner or whatever.  It’s portable, go anywhere, lightweight design makes it ideal for every situation.  From restaurants to campsites to grandmas this chair is a parenting hack!  $68  Buy Now [clear]

Minimalist Gift Ideas:

And, then of course there are countless of non-tangible things you could gift to a loved one who travels extensively or who has gone to great lengths to simplify his/her life.  Ideas include:

Hotel Vouchers (this one would make my life utterly PERFECT)

Restaurant Gift Cards

Classes – music, dance, art … always a great idea to keep adding to kids’ interests!

Events – Movies, concerts, theater, sports event … very exciting!

Care Package — Homemade cookies, candy or any treat is such a sweet way of saying you care!

Spa Day – All adventurers need R&R, a massage for their sore muscles, a detox from camp food, and to zone out for a bit!

Gas Cards

And there you have it.  I think we really outdid ourselves this year.  We’ve just been crazy excited to share this with all of you, our great friends who keep us energized and excited and feeling so supported.  You are the reason we are able to write great (we hope) blogs and produce super fun (are they?) videos. The gifts on this list are seriously the bomb!  You have our word that any time we stand up and promote a product, it’s because it’s awesome.

Oh, BTW, if you decide to purchase any of these items and use the links provided to do so, Amazon kicks some cash our way, so thanks in advance.

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