Mother’s Day Gifts for the Travel Loving Mom!

Mother’s Day has become as commercialized as every other holiday on the planet.  We are meant to believe that mom’s want everything from vacuums to new cars.  Mother’s Day is a high pressure day for most families and it really doesn’t need to be that way.  Aside from sleep, a day off, and some serious R&R what do mom’s really want on Mother’s Day?  I think I’ve hit on the motherlode, so go ahead, read on for 7 budget friendly, family friendly and fun friendly ideas!!

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As a kid every year my mom would tell me all she wanted for Mother’s Day was for my brother and I to get along.  I thought that was such a lame answer.

 Fast forward to me being a mom and that is so NOT a lame answer.  It’s the very prayer I say on repeat all day, “Dear God, please make them stop fighting, please for the love that is all holy, make them just HUSH!”

 I can tell you for certain, after 21 years of parenting, 21 years of praying, that this just aint gonna happen.  Not now, not ever.

 Ever since Adam and Eve ate the freakin apple you’ve had parents giving totally lame answers to offers from their offspring to make all their wildest dreams come true. Not world peace, not a trip to Bali … nope, just home peace.

 Better to set your sights on something more realistic.  To help mom’s everywhere have a backup answer on the ready, I’ve compiled a list of ideas for the  traveling loving momma to help your children to celebrate YOU on Mother’s day.

 The first two are obvious, I mean what traveling loving mom wouldn’t want to, you know  … travel!?!?  The rest are simply amazing gift ideas that EVERY mom would LOVE!


 Schedule A Day Trip

 Mom’s need a change of scenery and a day trip is just the thing to make sure we don’t spend our one day cooking and cleaning, which us moms do out of habit if we are home.  Dad can jump in and help plan a day for mom at the beach or a hike with a spectacular view or a picnic or a family day trip into the city. Whatever your heart desires, they can make happen … even if for only a day!!

Seriously, though, there is no better activity for a mom than spending a day of fun with the people she loves most in the world.  And having someone else take care of all the details is simply icing on the cake!!

Schedule a Weekend Getaway

What’s better than a day trip?  A full-on weekend getaway.  SHUT UP!!

Pampering, a spa day, massage, facial, mani/pedi, breakfast in bed … all great ideas, all extremely popular and very much appreciated, for certain, but what if we managed to pamper mom in all the traditional ways and make a long weekend out of it?

I’m proposing an epic weekend getaway for the whole family, where mom does no cooking, no cleaning, but instead gets to relish in the company of the people she loves best and create memories and really truly enjoy her special day! Throw in a few hours at a local spa, a luxury hotel stay and some room service and you have the makings for the best Mother’s Day on record!



Traveling mom’s love carry-on luggage because it holds all the gems that keep their children happy, content and entertained.  Everything from coloring books and crayons to snacks and goodies are stowed away within arms reach in our carry-on bags.

Why not surprise her today with a Mom Tested, Airline Approved Ricardo Elite Roxbury 2.0?  It has all the components of the PERFECT bag … it’s durable, easy to push (or pull), super lightweight and very streamline and elegant.

Want one more reason to buy this for mom this Mother’s Day?  How about a coupon code worth 65% off, plus free shipping if your order totals more than $99!  Simply use the code, TMOM65Off at checkout!! The offer is good through May.


For mom’s that are always on the go, keeping electronics charged can be a near impossibility. This is particularly inconvenient for those of us who travel because we want to document the trip with photos and videos, we utilize GPS on the road, we text, etc.

One of the best gifts I ever received was the EnerPlex Jumpr Max portable solar power battery with two USB ports – it does double duty!  My phone and my camera are almost always connected when I’m out and about … my next absolute must have gizmo is the EnerPlex Surfr … basically a solar powered phone case! (Hint, Hint, familia).

Lucky reader, I have also have a promo code for EnerPlex … KELLOGGSHOW.  No expiration date and it is good for 25% off!  Give mom an totalyl unconventional gift this Mother’s Day.  I swear she’ll never see solar coming!



Mom’s are emotional saps, we love handmade gifts from our preschoolers as much as from our teens as these are often from the heart and take much more thought and work than a gift bought with money.  I’m not knocking the gifts, trust me, I’m just saying the most memorable and beloved gift I’ve ever received was a video compilation of the year 2010.

Grady slaved over this video, he put his heart and soul into it as he had to sort through an entire year of video clips!  It’s the most amazing video I’ve ever seen, I cry every time I see it and it is ingrained in my heart forever.  Those are my children, my memories, my trips … my heart.

It may seem daunting and close to impossible, but it’s not.  It can actually be fun to edit and produce videos!  In fact, most of the software on the market these days is crazy easy to learn and is totally user friendly.  Check out Sony Vegas or iMovie and get cracking, you don’t have much time to create mom’s favorite gift of all time.


In keeping with the above consensus, that homemade is mom’s first choice, another option for is a scrapbook or photo album of the years past travels.  This is especially special if you travel with your mom and you have photos of those trips.

You could take it one step further and make a slide show, but really, a photo album or a scrapbook made from your heart will really move any mom to near tears.  Have fun with it and let the album tell a story, or chronicle a trip or special occasion.  You can’t go wrong with this one!!

Go With Your Heart

Basically what it boils down to is going that extra mile on that one special day.  Mom’s should already know how loved they are by the way they are treated on a daily basis, but showering her with extra love and affection, spending the day or the weekend with her and offering up a few little surprises is an indulgence most mom’s really appreciate!

You know, come to think of it, maybe the best Mother’s Day Gift would be getting to spend the day at home, in bed, in our pajamas, watching movies and pigging out on junk food with our husband’s and kids.  Order out, no dishes, no nothing … just pure unadulterated laziness!!

What’s your dream Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments section, I think I just hit on mine!!!  🙂


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