Survivor Man – Rocky Mountains, Freezing Temps, Hypothermia – Extreme Freestyle Kayaking!

Blessings to Everyone on this Thanksgiving Day!! We are particularly thankful for our health and all our friends & family who have donated to our First Descents Challenge. Thank you to Chris & Melissa (Rush) Denton, David Kellogg, Kath Larkin, Kelly Avery, Paul Lewis and Carolyn Parker — you are selfless and kind and generous and may God Bless you abundantly!! We are thankful that we have the ability to complete this challenge and Glorify God.

Today I have a special prayer requests. Please pray for the healing of Myka, Peyton, and little Ella who are all in a fight for their lives against Cancer. Blessings to all on this day!!!

Day 25 — First Descents Challenge: These guys are killing it out there, every day for no less than 1 hour in freezing temps!!! Please find it in your hearts to give a little to this incredible non-profit that introduces extreme sports to young adults diagnosed with cancer. Even $5, $10, $25 makes a huge difference!! Thank you and God Bless.

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