Addictions, Not Always a Bad Thing!

So we’ve been at the beach for 1 week and it was the best full week ever. There was minimal fighting, sand, salt and wind swept kids who crashed the minute we returned to the RV, and total utter fun and relaxation. We’d get down to the beach around 10 am and not return to camp until 5 or 6 or even later. Shower, eat and pass out.

Repeat the next day. The surf was calm and gentle Sun, Mon,Tues and Wed and then it got crazy huge on Thursday, Fri, Sat and then today it was peaceful again. It gave us all something exciting. On the crazy days, Grady, Brody, Kenny & Dally took out their kayaks. On the peaceful days, Cardy, Maddy, Rowdy and Emmy were able to forge out into the open sea and boogie board, dive for crabs, surf, jump the waves and have an all around blast. Of course, we had to stir up some trouble … we do everywhere we go. We drove the lifeguards crazy because for some unknown reason we weren’t allowed to “swim”. He even called the cops on Tuesday who commanded that we obey — geesh, us and cops!! But I finally caught on that you could say “we are swimming at our own risk” and they leave you alone!! Golden!! I couldn’t have asked for it to be any better. I’m sad to be leaving. If I lived at the beach, we’d be there every day!! No doubt and I’d be 90 lbs — you can’t keep me outta the water!!!

But, for some of us, and I’m not naming names (Grady), the calm surf days all but made him sleepy. The kid needs extreme sports, he needs an adrenaline rush, in one word, he needs kayaking. He wants nothing more than to hit Class V runs on a daily basis! Class IV is fun for him, Class V gives him the edge he needs. Kayaking has ruined him for normal life. He spent hours in the surf playing around in his kayak, only to get frustrated because it wasn’t extreme enough, it wasn’t crazy enough, it wasn’t … life threatening enough. And then, to add insult to injury, he had to wait for the “good waves”. He doesn’t understand the word “chill”. He certainly can’t do it!

But, just as I was getting annoyed, I had another thought. He has a passion, he has drive and he has a goal. Grady has been kayaking for a mere 3 years, only last year and this year has he been freestyle kayaking and he’s never ever been more passionate about anything and he’s participated in every single sport and excelled. Soccer, Ice Hockey, Football, Skiing, Snowboarding — he’s done them all, continues to snowboard and out of all of them, kayaking is something he literally lives for. He’s completely self taught, he watches other boaters, EJ, Dane Jackson, Nick Troutmn, Clay Wright, Jud Kaiser, Stephen Wright … yeah, the TOP boaters in the WORLD and he learns. Grady and Brody both want nothing more than to train all winter long in hopes of making the US Freestyle Team. This would be a dream come true, they have the drive, they have the desire and the natural skills to be top contenders … they are lacking only in experience — but that counts for a lot! It’s something they hope to overcome, which is why we are heading to the World Cup Series. The more competitions against experienced boaters, the more experience they gain. After that it’s Gauley Fest and then … who knows.

As a mom, it’s amazing to see your children develop a passion. I’m asked 100 times if 10 if I would rather they enjoyed snorkeling or soccer or any other “safe” sport. I’d be lying if I said NO! but that’s just not us. As I’m finding out, we need adrenaline, we need extreme, and if we don’t have it, we make it! 🙂 Of course, we are not reckless. Kady, Kenny and Dally won’t be running Class V anytime soon … the what-if’s for their young age are just entirely too great and one or two of them have absolutely no fear of anything … so trusting their instincts is out!! Plus, they have a lifetime to hone their skills and become somewhat mature!

As a mom, it’s equally amazing to have my entire family under one mobile roof … less than 300 sq feet doesn’t phase us. This is home for now — and for the forseeable future. We, Dan & I, feel very blessed that we are able to provide such an amazing life for our kids, that they have found a passion, that each of them is developing their own self and doing so without outside influences!!

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  1. says: Dana

    Your family is amazing. I love how you find the positive in everything. Have a great vacation, can’t wait to hear the news of your new baby!

  2. says: Eli

    I am impressed with your ability to always evaluate your circumstances. It’s impressive as most parents I am associated with only look at the moment in time and lose their cool. I am also in the process of reading your book and I am overwhelmed by your positivity and encouraging words. You are an inspiration to many; why aren’t you on National TV? Also, we are interested in beginning to kayak, would be curious as to the educational material you used to begin and the best boats for folks our size.

  3. says: Kristalyn

    You are such great parents, I love your blog, I love your videos and I actually want to start kayaking. Next summer (school has started) I am going to take a class. I love KelloggShow, you are so fun and amazing.

  4. says: Jenn

    I find it funny that you are stuggling to chill your kids out while 90% of America needs to get their kids moving. Do you see the irony? I bet you look forward to calm days the way the rest of us look forward to vacation! What a life you’ve carved out for yourselves, living a vacation. How do you homeschool on the road? is it hard? How about money. How do you afford to live such an adventurous life? I’ve seen the videos with Dan working on the road, what does he do? I’m bursting with questions. Your life is my dream life.

  5. says: Emily

    I would love to live at the beach, but I’m with you, my kids are crazy and the beach after 1 week does start to get a little old, at least for the oldest and the youngest. We tried our bit at surfing, and like your son Grady, the waiting proved to be too much. I think we need to check out kayaking!

  6. says: Sydney

    Super cool! I love the beach, I’m really good at chilling. LOL, so are my kids. I guess they follow your lead, if you’re crazy, they are crazy, if you’re chill, they are chill! Your family is crazy and that’s a fact!

  7. says: Beth

    What an amazing ability you have at looking at the bright side. Yes, addictions can be good things. I hope your son does well. BTW, what kind of boat does he use?

    1. says: Sophie

      What a beautiful post, to be able to look at things from a positive perspective must be a God given blessing that I don’t posess. You are a truly blessed family.

  8. says: Gabby

    The only sports I’m allowed to do are things like swimming where I can’t get hurt. Kayaking looks like a lot of fun, but no way my parents would ever let me do it! 🙁

  9. says: Georgia

    As long as we offer our kids a well rounded education while they are young, they ought to be free to pursue whatever it is that moves them. I applaud you for not stifling your children with the things that are important to you.

  10. says: Mary

    Your family is really amazizng. I love your videos, my kids and I watch them all the time and just laugh out loud. You really know how to have a lot of fun.

  11. says: Erin

    I feel the same way about biking and I’m the same age as Grady. I like other things, but biking is everything, it’s what frees me.

  12. says: Netty

    Ah, yes, the importance of enabling kids to grow in their passions instead of stifling them for you own. Great parenting, would pay to watch you on TV.

  13. says: Patricia

    Every child should be so lucky as to have parents who do their best to help them seek out their talents. Unfortunately most parents are stuck in the school route and really don’t have the time.

  14. We saw your story on yahoo and visited your site. More power to you! We have 4 girls (one more child coming in March) and just came back from 10 years in rural Swaziland, southern Africa. People said they liked our lifestyle, that it was adventurous and good for the kids. It was, but it was peanuts compared to yours! I am, again, just happy you’re doing it. KEEP IT UP.

    Rudy Poglitsh

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