The Best RV Water Filter – CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter Review

RV Water Filter
Clean Water is vital!

RV’ing for many is a way to travel whilst keeping all the amenities of home. There are some things that have proven more difficult than one would think, clean, clear tasting water is one of them. Providing our families with clean, fresh, safe and natural tasting water is the goal of the CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter. It is one of those must-haves for all RV traveling families!

Water is one of the very few things that is consumed daily by most everyone. We drink it, we bathe in it, we cook with it, we clean with it. Clean water is an essential nutrient, the basis of all living organisms, and imperative to sustaining life. Clean water is at the top of the list of fundamental necessities to achieving optimum health.  

I think it’s a fair statement that most of us living in developed countries take clean water for granted. At home we have access to filters in nearly every facet of life. Built-in water filtration systems are on nearly every appliance we own, making consuming clean water an unconscious act. But for those of us who travel or live fulltime in RV’s, clean water is something we must deliberately make happen. 

Anyone who has camped knows full well that there is potable water and there is non potable water and the majority of us are healthily skeptical of all spigots regardless. We all know that spigot water is most likely contaminated by chemicals and toxins and that it is wholly unfiltered. Enter the CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter … revolutionizing drinking water for the adventure traveling niche! 

CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter is Better Than All The Rest

Clear20 RV Water Filtration
Pure, Clean Drinking Water

To be honest, Dan and I installed the CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter without terribly high expectations. We’ve been a fulltime RV family for about 8 years and have tried nearly every filter on the market and been disillusioned every time. But this time was notably different. The CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter delivered the best tasting water from a spigot that we’ve ever had.

The CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter outperforms other camping filters because all the rest use granular carbon that is only rated to block impurities from 20-100 microns. That means debris as large as a human hair can squeeze through and up in your drinking water … ewwww.  Whereas the CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter uses a proprietary solid carbon block technology that effectively reduces contaminants down to a microscopic 1 micron!! It does this while simultaneously filtering both taste and odor from your water. And it is noticeable!

The Health Effect

Clear20 RV Water Filtration System
Clean, Pure water for our children.

Not all water is created equal. Pure, clean water is the absolute best thing you can do for your health.  But that means purification is vital.  Purification removes toxins, bacteria, pesticides and more.

As horrifying and disgusting as it sounds, thousands of other toxins, including chlorine, parasitic cysts, sediment, heavy metals, lead, mercury, herbicides, find their way into most taps. Eliminating these as much as possible is extremely beneficial to our long term health.

Using a water filter, like the CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter, helps our bodies in their natural detoxification process by ensuring we take in less toxins.

Save Money, Save the Environment with CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter

Clear20 RV Water Filtration System
Water Bottles overwhelm our landfills.

For years now, we have been forced to buy bottled water, because we have been unable to adequately filter our water to our high standards. It’s not only a hassle, but also exceptionally expensive considering a family our size consumes at least 7 gallons of water per day

Bottled water has its own set of problems. In addition to BPA concerns, bottles that are not recycled end up at the dump unnecessarily and contribute to the over 2-million tons of unrecycled water bottles!  Now, at home, we recycle our plastics, but when is the last time you were at a campground that had recycle bins? For that matter, when have you ever seen a recycle bin whilst RV’ing?

The CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter solves these problems and more. We can be good stewards of the earth, protect our health while providing our families with good clean drinking water to hydrate for all our crazy adventures by using the CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter.

CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter Is Super Easy to Install

Clear20 Water Filtration System
Pure Clean RV Water

The CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter is exceptionally easy to install. It’s so easy, I am fully capable of installing it and that is not typically the case. 

All one must do is simply attach the Filter to the spigot and then attach your hose to the filter. Voila, Easy, clean, contaminant free water at your fingertips!

Additional 411

RV Water Filter
Rving and water go hand in hand!

In addition to the external dual canister filtrations system, Clear 20 recently released their DirtGUARD sediment pre-filter. The DirtGUARD delivers an additional 20-micron filter as the first line of defense to keep out dirt, silt, sand and debris before it enters your main CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter, thereby extending the life of your inline filter by up to 30%.

It’s totally a worthwhile addition having the DirtGUARD in your arsenal because it can easily be cleaned and reused repeatedly throughout the camping season. This has the benefit of saving you money in the long run by extending the life of your filtration system.

Where to Buy the CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter

Clear20 RV Water Filter
Clean Pure Water is finally attainable!

The CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter can easily be found at Camping World, in most Walmarts, Amazon and, of course, the Clear20 website.

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