About Us

Hello and Welcome to our family website!! We are the KelloggShow, a homeschool, traveling family, 14 strong and a legit family of filled with legit adventure junkies. We are earnest in our quest to live our own American Dream.

In 2012 we sold everything we owned and moved into 36′ RV to travel fulltime. We have visited nearly every state in the Union, including Alaska! We’ve spent much time traveling through Canada touring Alberta, British Columbia, Toronto, Ottawa, New Brunswick, the Yukon and more.

Now, it’s been over 8 years and we’ve logged over 150,000 miles. What began as more of an escape from the rigors of daily life has  transformed into a way of life.  There is no going back. We’ve all grown in unimaginable ways! Our kids have the perspective and the experience of someone three times their age.

Today we split our time between RVing and World Travel. As a family, we have traveled to Catalonia, Spain, France and Italy. Some of the kids have also been to Poland, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, China and Argentina. We are looking at the possibility of moving to Italy in 2021 for a few years to immerse ourselves in both the culture and the language.

So many people ask how we are able to live this life, both financially and physically. It is difficult enough with a typical family of 4, for sure. But with 14, it is nearly unheard of. The truth is, we don’t take no for an answer. We are spontaneous and follow our dreams at all costs. It is of utmost importance for us to live outside the world and to focus on our faith and our family. Working 9-5,  living for weekends and 2 week vacations, isn’t the most conducive way for us to do this. For us, it was a passion to show our kids a different way of living, one that will fulfill their wildest dreams.

Canyoneering in Sort, Spain is Epic!
We had a blast canyoneering in Sort, Spain!

Meet Us

It’s been a really LONG time since we’ve updated this section of our KelloggShow site. So long, in fact, that Coby wasn’t even in our cover photo! So, it’s time. Time to get an updated version and give y’all and insider peak at who we each are at our core.

Grady & Sarah


KelloggShow About Us Page
Kerry and Joe on 4th of July! Fun times!!

Kerry is 25 years old and living with friends in Colorado, literally a mile or so from where she grew up! She is a graphic artist and travels the globe for her trade. Currently she subsidizes her income working as a waitress (she hates it) in order to fund her travels, and her adventurous tendencies. Her goal is to be completely supported by her art by the end of 2020.

Kerry loves mountain biking and is an avid mountain climber. She is wildly empathetic, super sweet and kind, but if you make her mad, she has a very hard time hiding it, though she hates to cause a scene and really REALLY hates confrontation. She also cannot stand dogs and even more so, their entitled owners.

Kerry is in a relationship with Joe, who we love. He is a great addition to our family, he’s crazy, he grew up with a lot of the same ridiculous stories, is close to his family and is really super easy to be around.

Grady & Sarah

KelloggShow About Us Page
Grady and Sarah with Remy and Maisy Lou!

Honestly, these two are the cutest couple on the planet. We love them dearly. They compliment each other so well. It is the most amazing thing, as a parent, to not worry about your adult child, at all, because their spouse is so wonderful. When you know they are happy and thriving, that peace is a gift. I had no idea this was possible. I spend my days worring about my kids, but not these two.

They own a home in KCMO, bought a new car and have two adorable pups, Remy and Maisie, who they legit think of as their children.
Grady has a fulltime job, has dreams of becoming a whitewater park designer, and Sarah is going to school to become a nurse.  Grady and Elly have a really super special bond and as Sarah said, it’s her, then Elly, then Dan & I who hold Grady’s heart. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We can’t wait for them to return to Colorado and the distance to Kansas City, MO is almost unbearable.


KelloggShow About Us Page
Such a total goof …

Brody is … insane. He has a heart of gold, literally, and is just like his momma. He is spontaneous, he is unencumbered by fear and responsibility and he wants what he wants, when he wants it. There is no telling Brody no. He will make anything happen out of sheer determination. He absolutely has the biggest heart and would give the shirt off his back to anyone. He has a gazillion friends, all the girls want to marry him and he makes everyone laugh out loud. He has always been the one who can end all strife in the family!

But Brody also has zero direction. Or more specifically, he goes in one million directions, simultaneously. What he wants is to be free. Free to travel the globe and work from anywhere. But, he wants it now.  He is currently studying coding and has a job waiting for him as soon as he finishes…if he finishes… with Dan, Kenny, Dally and Cardy.

Brody is also gifted with athleticism. He is a fearless kayaker and an even more fearless snowboarder. After a really serious concussion in the winter of 2018, Brody felt compelled to take it easy. This lasted 2 weeks and 4 days.



Kady is, hands down, the most independent, faithful AND difficult person in the family. Kady is headstrong, unbendable and smart as a whip. She will argue about anything and, frustratingly, she is often right.

In addition to her relationship with God, Kady is very serious about adventure and photography. She thrives in nature where she is free and unencumbered. She has not yet learned the fine art of “just hanging out.” She wakes with the sun and is rearing to go from that moment until 8 pm when she passes out from exhaustion.

Kady is also virtually fearless. She’s a 3 time member of the US Freestyle Team and has competed in 3 World’s competitions. She is a snowboard instructor in the winter and a traveler the rest of the year. She loves to hike, climb, bike, cave, explore, travel and learn new skills. And she loves us, even though we obviously and continually drive her nuts. She actually truly enjoys our company, up until a point and then she’s done with us and we are nothing but annoying.


Kenny is the heart of the family, as he has the most stable personality and he is never down, Kenny is literally always happy and super super fun to be around. He is dramatic, excited about everything, and hysterically funny. He is always smiling and adventurous as heck.

Aside from cliff jumping, dirt biking, snowboarding, kayaking, canyoneering, motorcycling, caving, and practically every other extreme sport, Kenny’s passion is making videos for his KelloggShowKids Youtube Channel. He, along with Dally, runs the channel. They create all the merchandise, and do all the marketing.

Kenny & Dally (it’s hard to write a sentence about Kenny without including Dally, because they are so tight) are practically Coby’s surrogate parents. They literally spend half their time when kayaking, snowboarding, dirtbiking, whatever, teaching Coby to do cool stuff. They literally spend half their time, doting on him, playing with him, teaching him …They adore him, and he them.


Where Kenny is super outgoing and personable, Dally is more quiet and reserved, but equally hysterical and super fun to be with. His smile is constant and he is a major prankster, like Grady. And like Grady (and Maddy), Dally doesn’t get embarrassed, so he can pull off any prank, anywhere.

Dally is easily the biggest daredevil in the family, and that’s saying a lot because we are a family of daredevils. He has absolutely no fear of anything, and makes every single thing he does look easy. He is the first to jump off cliffs, to test the depth. He is the first to test a jump on a dirt bike. He is the first to throw a double back on a snowboard. Dally doesn’t hesitate. He is simply confident, not reckless. He knows his skill level, is always willing to push it but is also not afraid to walk away from a challenge, if that’s what he feels is right.

Dally is also the most serious about learning to code and working with Dan. He works hard to gain the knowledge because he sees the value in a career that affords him the ability to travel and that is lucrative. You see, he wants a street bike SO bad. He also has a very deep relationship with God and his Confirmation Saint, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.


Cardy is happy, crazy, kind, sweet, so very caring, and extremely fun. He is low maintenance. I think the best way to describe Cardy is that he is content. He is simply happy, loved and thriving. He is super helpful and filled with love for every one of us. In fact, Cardy is the least likely to ever fight with anyone. He just causes zero friction or angst and he’s beloved, like totally untouchable because he’s so kind.

Cardy is an amazing athlete, excelling in kayaking and snowboarding (the steeziest boarder you’ve ever met), his major love is dirt biking. You could say this is his passion. In fact, it’s the sole reason he is working with Dally to learn to code…he wants Dan to hire him so he can make enough to buy a bike. Truth be told, it’s the only thing Cardy has ever stated that he wants. He will wear shoes with holes in them and never mention it, but he does often say that he can’t wait to buy a bike! 🙂

Cardy will throw down with Kenny and Dally. Anything they do, Cardy is right there with them, like the 3 Musketeers. Just yesterday, Cardy jumped off a 65/70′ bridge here in France, like it was nothing. He is also a fearless warrior!


Maddy’s full name is Madigan and when she was little I made up a little diddy for her. It went like this …

Oh I’m Mad Again,
I think it’s time to eat again.

Oh, I’m Mad Again,
I want to be in mommy’s arms again.

Cuz, I’m Madigan,
I will scream and cry to get what I want again.

The point is, Maddy is the most persistent person I’ve ever met. She has a temper, but it doesn’t flare, she just funnels it into action. She might be the smartest person I’ve ever met, too. She’s brilliant and witty and can make you howl with shock, horror and hilarity in one sentence.

Maddy’s passion is writing. She spends the majority of her downtime writing novels. In fact, sometimes you will hear her say, “I can’t wait to go home and write,” while adventuring or exploring. It is truly in her blood. Her biggest dream is to become a published author and to walk into Italy and see her book translated and on the shelves!

And, Maddy has a deep devotion to our Blessed Mother and she loves saying the rosary.


His name says it all. Rowdy is rowdy. He goes in one million directions, and is always moving, all the time. He is loud as heck, like Brody, and often we will be like, “why are you screaming” when to him, it’s natural talk over all of us. He’s loving, he’s kind, he’s fun, he’s super caring and terrified of bad weather, but he’s been in 3 tornadoes in the RV, so that’s to be expected!!  Pretty sure he’ll be a meteorologist!

He is a little less a daredevil inherently, than his older brothers, but will not be outdone by them. If they jump a 50′ cliff, he will too. If they run a Class V river, he will study the heck out of the rapids and send it as well, no matter how scared he may be. He reminds us all of Grady, confident and competent, but ever so slightly more hesitant, like let me run through the scenarios first.

Rowdy’s passion is … playing, adventuring, exploring, running … being 12. He’s passionate about making sure everyone gets their fair share of food. That’s for sure. If we are eating a meal or a snack or anything and someone is not with us, Rowdy will pack up a portion and save it for them. He will legit hide it so we don’t sneak it!


Emmy is so complicated. She is delicate and gentle and graceful and quick with a smile and she’s also a typhoon of emotions. She’s witty and sarcastic and dramatic as heck. She is savage.

She is also super fun, up for almost anything and while she loves playing with Elly, and the two are best of friends, she also is all about the boys … her brothers, that is. Our super graceful, fashion-minded Emmy is also a tomboy. The boys make her laugh and they make her push herself. They are easy and Emmy loves getting dirty, climbing trees and doesn’t flinch at playing in a creek.


A spit-fire is the best way to describe this attention seeking spunky kid. Since the day she was born, Elly has loved being the center of attention. She’s wild and sporadic, adorable and super smart. I think it’s important to mention that she taught herself to read before Emmy even learned! She’s a tiny ball of fire and simmers with a constant yearning.

She and Coby are tight as thieves. Her competitive side is often stoked by Coby’s willingness to try just about anything. Where Elly would, on her own, decline to do half the things she does, like jumping off cliffs  or running a rapid, she can’t let her younger brother surpass her. Hence, she is more adventurous than anyone else her age, for sure.

And, Elly, is crazy passionate about makeup and beauty. And when I say passionate, I mean she has literally been watching Youtube videos about makeup since she was 2. She wears lipstick every. where. she. goes. No lie.  None of her sisters ever cared much for makeup, but Elly has loved it since she was a baby.


KelloggShow About Us Page
This kid. He’s so cool!

Coby is an incredible athlete and has a shocking absence of fear. The only thing that gives him even the slightest of pauses is kayaking. Everything else, he sends. He has a profound sense of self and his confidence and trusts Kenny and Dally, in particular, to tell him if something is too dangerous for him. Coby runs Class III whitewater, throws jumps and tricks on snowboards, he rides dirt bikes, he cliff jumps he rappells … Coby does everything, not kidding.

He also has an incredibly large heart. He loves so hard. He is also a sensitive soul and is always ready with a hug, or a massage for anyone who seems down. And, Coby is such a GOOD, good kid with a very inquisitive mind. He is bordering on genius in math, but has zero interest in reading.

Kelloggshow RV Family


We’re a tight family; 12 kids 2 parents and a dog, Eddy (aka Bad Dog) and we all travel together in a 36′ 1999 Georgie Boy Cruisemaster!   It works because we are close and because we don’t really live in the RV.  We sleep in it and travel in it!!  For all the other hours in the day we are out exploring.  We’ve found ultimate freedom from the clutches of materialism and all that it entails. We are adventure seekers, finding our true joy in kayaking, snowboarding, climbing, hiking, caving, biking, surfing, biking, and being together.

I don’t wan you to think we were born with a silver spoon in our mouths or that we are welfare recipients, either end of the spectrum is what many immediately conclude.  We are self employed entrepreneurs making a living helping people become physically fit and financially free.  We find our joy in waking people up from the dead and showing them how to LIVE their best life and make it exciting.  We also roadschool our kids.  It’s not everyone’s dream life, but it is ours.  Some people think we are downright nuts and others think we’ve hit the holy grail of life!  We think we are blessed to be the captains of our own ship!!  🙂


KellogggShow RV Family

Catch us on the following links kayaking some crazy extreme stuff, snowboarding, caving, whitewater rafting, climbing, riverboarding, surfing … you name it, we do it!!

Any questions, feel free to ask, we love to help other people discover their inner rebel!!  Hope to meet you on the road someday!!

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