Graden (Grady)

Birthdate: Feb 20, 1996
My Favorite Place I’ve Visited: Ottawa, Canada.
I feel Most Creative When:  Editing Videos.
My Advice to Teens:
 Never talk yourself down.
Everyone Should: Keep following your dreams, never give up.
On My Playlist: Dubstep, The Glitch Mob, Techno music.
My Cheap Thrill: Making movies.
Favorite KelloggShow Episode:
Favorite Food: Anything with meat.
Top of My Bucket List: To ride a rollercoaster.
What I Do When Chillin: Play board games.
Interesting Fact: Im impossible to embarrass.
My Parents One-Word Description: Competitive

I am Grady Kellogg, and I am 17. I am the second oldest in my family, and the oldest boy. I was born in Fairfax, Virginia, but I moved to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where I’ve stayed ever since. My main sport is kayaking, but I also SUP, surf, and snowboard. I love to compete in freestyle kayaking competitions around the country, and have placed in many. I am almost never bored, as I find the fun in everything.  My biggest hobby is editing videos for my Youtube channel, I post many things including pranks, spoofs, and epic sports edits. I look forward to earning money off of making movies, designing apps, and coaching kayaking.