How to Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs

The easiest How To Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs Tutorial!
Easter Traditions ... Resurrection Eggs!

If you’ve never heard of Resurrection Eggs, you’re not alone.  As Dan & I forge new territory looking for traditions to pass on to our children as well as visual and hands on activities to keep the Faith in holidays, we stumbled upon Resurrection Eggs. Now, I’m not one to craft as I have zero artistic talent.  Hence, any “crafty” type things I do, have to be easy.  If I can say with certainty that you can Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs, I mean, a 5 year old can do it … with ease.

The easiest How To Make ;Your Own Resurrection Eggs tutorial!
A fun and super easy Easter Tradition for Christian Families!

Now, Resurrection Eggs are simply plastic Easter Eggs that contain the different Easter symbols inside to help kids learn the Easter story. I believe this idea originated from the children’s book Benjamin’s Box:  The Story of the Resurrection Eggs.

After our crafty day making Resurrection Eggs, I discovered they are available premade. You can buy these eggs if you are short on time, but our kids had a lot of fun helping with this project. So, if you can spend an hour or so, it’s a great Easter Tradition to start with your kiddos!

And, as a Catholic, I really wanted to have Catholicism incorporated as well.

The easiest How To Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs Tutorial!
Easter Traditions … Resurrection Eggs!

To Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs, first you need to 12 plastic eggs.

Next, number them 1-12.  After they are numbered, you and your kids get to embark on a scavenger hunt of sorts to find the objeects that go in the Resurrection Eggs.

We then put the objects in the eggs according to chronological order and taped a small piece of paper on the inside of the egg with the corresponding Bible Verse.  Here is what we did:

1) piece of bread  (Mark 14:22) — The Last Supper
2) 3 silver coins (Matthew 26: 14-15) – Judas’ Betrayal of Jesus
3) feather or toy rooster (Matthew 26: 33-35 – Peters Denial
4) Crown of Thorns (Mark 15:17)
5) Die or Dice (John 19:23-24) – Cast of Lots
6) Cross/Crucifix (John 19:17-18)
7) 3 Nails (Matthew 27:31) – Jesus was Nailed to the Cross
8) Sponge (John 19:29) – “I thirst”
9) Cloth/Linen (Matthew 27;57-60) Jesus was Wrapped when taken of the Cross
10) Whole Cloves (Mark 16:1) Spices for Anointing
11) Rock/Stone (Matthew 27:62-65) Placed in front of the tomb
12) Empty (Mark 16:5-6) Jesus Has Risen

The easiest How To Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs Tutorial!
He Is Risen! The greatest story of love and sacrifice.

It is as easy as that.

I explain to my children how terribly sad this story is, but it’s ok, because we know how it ends, we know Jesus Rises on the 3rd day and we rejoice.  I tell them that love is sacrifice, that there is no greater love than what Jesus has for them.   We have fun with the Easter Bunny, but it is extremely important to Dan & I that our children grasp the enormity of Jesus’ sacrifice for many!

God Bless and we wish you all a very Blessed Holy Week!

How To Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs

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