How To Turn A Road Trip Into An Educational Experience

Every summer Americans pile the family into the car for the annual family vacation.  Kids in the back-seat plugged into their electronics, ear buds in, completely checked out.  Why not make your next road trip something that will both educate them and engage them? And educational road trip doesn’t have to sound so dreary.  You can find education in the most wild of adventures!  We share our best tips to help you turn your next road trip into a kid guided educational experience that is fun and exciting for the entire family!  

educational road trip
Roadschooling and working in the Newmar Dutchstar makes an educational road trip so very easy!

We are your ultimate road trip family.  With 14 of us, there is no way we can afford to hop on a plane and jet set anywhere, in fact, I don’t think we would want to even if we could.  We would miss out on so much … the entire journey in fact.  As we hit our 4th year of nearly full-time travel, we’ve learned so much about how to make a road trip a success.


Roadschooling is a relatively new word, at least for me.  Up until about one year ago, I’d never heard it, but if you homeschool, you can pretty much understand what roadschooling is, right?  The name in and of itself is self-explanatory.

In our family, we do a little bit of everything.  We roadschool (books, worksheets, etc) and we unschool, though we don’t really associate ourselves with the unschooling movement because what many do is NOT what we do.  When you live on the road, you tend to get an incredibly well rounded education.

Roadschooling is shop, home ec, reading, math, writing, auto mechanics, history, geography, politics, religion, sociology, psychology, economics, etc.  Not to mention lots of on-the-job training.

Living on the road and educating our kids has given them not only knowledge, but the skills in which to use this knowledge.  They learn the necessary book lessons, reading, writing and math, but they also learn life skills.

P1030673 (Small)

Cardy, 11, can replace an alternator!  Maddy, 10, can change a tire.  Our 8 oldest:  Kerry, Grady, Brody, Kady, Kenny, Dally, Cardy & Maddy write blogs for and their sponsors. All our kids are bargain shoppers and all the readers can cook.   They are inventors, and creators, builders and dreamers.  If something is broken, they can fix it!  Grady is in the beginning process of starting his own production company.  He is slowly buying all the equipment, filming their intro … I’m impressed.  Brody is Grady’s sound guy, but in addition,  he’s found a passion learning all about auto mechanics and electrical work.

So, how does someone who doesn’t roadschool take advantage of all the benefits associated with it?

You take a road trip, of course!

There are many easy and fun ways to turn a road trip into an educational experience without the kids ever knowing!  By empowering them and tapping into their imagination, you turn your average summer road trip into something educational, fun and an experience they can be proud of!

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Educational Roadtrip

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