KelloggShow FAQ’s

Do You Work?  How Do You Afford To Travel Fulltime?

Yes.  Dan works his butt off, like literally.  He is Software Engineer and Web Developer and runs his own successful company, Kellogic, LLC.  Dan has clients across the country and Canada.

We can afford to travel because he works super hard to support his family and we have been blessed that his profession is one that can be done anywhere, so long as there is WIFI!  We blog often about the gear we use, the companies we use and how we make it work, you can check out a gear blog here and our #1 Provider blog here.

We also run our family business, we are essentially Life Coaches.  We help people get physically fit and financially free.  We help people reach their health goals, lose weight, gain lean muscle, regain mental clarity, and increase their energy.  We also help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground!  It’s one of the most fulfilling things we’ve ever done.  And it’s fluent with travel, we are definitely being led in a whole new direction and in a bigger way than we ever saw coming!

Do The Kids Go To School?

Absolutely.  We value education as the absolute in terms of a successful life, knowing that every single person has a different of opinion regarding what success is.  To us, success is living a good life, centered entirely around God and family.  It is making an honest living, contributing to society, and making a difference in people’s lives.  Our children’s education focuses on making this definition of success a reality.

We carve out time every morning for core “subjects” and focus the rest of our day learning organically.  When you homeschool you are keenly aware of the fact that every moment of every day is a learning moment.  Whether you are at the beach, in the mountains or simply at the grocery store, learning occurs.  It’s a phenomenon, I know it rocked me to the core after we pulled the kids from school and we noticed that life was actually the best education one can get.  We blog extensively on our homeschooling philosophy and educational activities, caruse this section if your want to get into our minds …

Are They All Yours?

Seriously, inquiring minds want to know and if you want to know the truth, I understand this question.  When I see a large family, I want to know if they are all one family, if they are going to have anymore.  I want to know what they drive, what they do for a living, where they live, if they are Catholic or Mormon … ya’ll I wanna know it all too.  So I get it!!

Yes, they are ours, no we don’t have any sets of twins, I dunno if we are going to have more, but the clock is ticking and it seems unlikely, but not out of the question.  We drive a beater Suburban and a Georgie Boy Cruisemaster (the RV), Dan is a software engineer and I’m a full-time mommy who loves to write to clear my head.  We have a home in Colorado, but we pretty much live on the road, and drum roll please, we are … Catholic.  God loving, devout and faithful Catholics to the core.

How Do You Do It All?

The real answer is that we don’t do it all.  We do some.  Of course we have to prioritize, who doesn’t?  For us that means little things like matching socks, even matching shoes sometimes are not important.  Parents with any number of children know that matching socks only occur right out of the bag and that 2 socks of any color, style and shape make a pair.  Sometimes we wear snow boots in the middle of the summer, sometimes we wear swimsuits 5 days out of the week, and some days we never change out of our bedclothes – it’s officially called a pajama day.

My priorities lie in the bigger things.  It is mandatory that we have fun every day and do something extreme, that we at some point in the day finish our schoolwork, that we find time to pray and that my kids eat healthy … these are the four things that I don’t cut out of any day.  Everything else, I mean EVERYTHING else can and often does get left by the wayside.  My kids and our family are the priorities.

The old myth you can’t have your cake and eat it too is utter crap.  Of course you can.  Why have the cake if you can’t eat it?  That’s torture.  Turn your life over to God, don’t feel the need to be in complete control.  Let the mundane go, focus on the good and the bonding moments.  God is amazing and God is good, pray and He will deliver.

How Did You Start Fulltime Traveling?

This is THE obvious question.

We literally decided to purchase an RV just to facilitate getting to and from kayaking events with ease.  Then we took an extended trip to TN, NC, & VA and when it was time to return, no-one wanted to go home.  There were lots of sullen faces & so we all started talking.  At some point one of us said, “Let’s just keep traveling.”  Talk about shock.  I don’t think a single one of us ever thought about traveling fulltime.  I mean, what a dream, right?  A mere months prior and this would have seemed too far fetched, too impossible.  But, with an RV, literally anything is possible … even fulltime travel with a family of 14!

So, we went home, put our house on the market, Susie gave birth to sweet little Coby and a few weeks later we left and never looked back.  CRAZY!  The only thing we agonized about was whether to sell our house or not.  In the end, it did not sell and so we decided to rent it out seasonally.  This has worked well for us.  We go home at Christmas for a month or two and spend our days snowboarding and building snowmen, drinking hot chocolate and sledding.

Our advice for any family who wants to pursue this lifestyle is to just do it.  Too much thinking is literally paralyzing.  Let go, the worse thing that can happen is you return home, having traveled, having seen more than you ever dreamed possible, learned more than you ever thought, and become closer to each other than you ever could have been.

How Do You Give Each Child The Love and Attention They Need?

This is the easiest question to answer.  I am always around.  I am always with them.  I know each of my children inside and out.  I can take one look at them and know instantly what they are feeling and what they need.  I am so connected, I know what’s going on even when I can’t see them.  Every single one of my kids has a drastically different personality than the other.  They each have different talents, different interests, and different needs.

The most amazing thing about a large family is our cohesiveness.  My youngest son, Coby, is the luckiest baby in the world.  He is always being held and loved by someone! Our 2nd youngest, Elly is the luckiest toddler I know. She gets more attention and her needs are met faster and more efficiently that any other toddler I know.  She cries and there are 13 people to jump and comfort.  It’s that way for all the kids, young and old.  It’s common to see one of the younger kids hugging their older brothers and sisters to make them feel better.  They know each other intuitively, as I do.  We are in tune to each other emotionally and are exceptionally strong because of it.  We show our love by making each other smile.

My goal as a parent is to raise strong independent adults who will go out into the world and contribute to society, not drain it.  In order to accomplish this there is a huge emphasis on doing for yourselves and for others.  Putting yourself last is an important lesson to learn, and it’s a lost lesson for sure.  It is how you show love, because after all love is a verb … an action word.

More Questions?

If we have missed something you’d like to know about, please please, don’t hesitate to ask below in the comment section or via our contact page.  Thanks!!  🙂