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The benefits to RV'ing are too many too count. Beauty abounds, if you simply open your eyes! Photo: Dan Kellogg

RV’ing! You know we love it, you know it’s changed our entire lives. It literally made full time travel affordable and reachable for our family. RVing has exponentially improved our children’s schooling. It has changed our perspective on what is important and necessary as opposed to frivolous and wanton. RVing has increased our sense of community as well.  Dan and I and our kids have friends across all of North America, it is amazing to me that I could drive to Quebec and meet real actual friends for dinner! The RV Community has become our second family.

The RV Community is passionate and knowledgeable!
RVing has grown our friend base exponentially. Photo: Susie Kellogg

As RVing becomes more mainstream and more and more younger families are choosing the lifestyle, brands are seeking ways to become more and more relevant, more personal and more interested in the lives of the people who use their products.

I for one love this. I love connecting with friends on Social Media and reading about their adventures.  I love that GoRVing will like an Instagram Post or that Lazy Days RV comments with thumbs up and hearts. I love that Cummins initiates a Facebook campaign simply to connect with RVers and allow them to share their stories.  

I mean, the RV community is as unique as it is diverse. It used to be the only people with RVs were those who had retired and were starting the second phase of their lives. Today, more and more young families are getting in on the action, traveling with their kids, exploring and spending quality time together.

Looking to simplify and pare down, as well as live a life of adventure, we bailed on the 9 to 5 grind and opted for a much slower paced, family oriented lifestyle.

The RV Community is a wealth of knowledge!

Other young families simply want a mode of transportation that is easy and conducive to traveling with kids as well as budget and pet friendly.

RVing is all of that and more, which is why more and more of us are falling in love with the lifestyle.  

RV Community

The RV Community can lead you in the right direction always!
We wanted to see whales and so we hit up the RV Community as to the best road side spots and BOOM! There were whales! Photo: Kady Kellogg

As the number of people who are RVing grows, the community naturally grows. And, most of us love to talk about our experiences.  We love to share our favorite places to camp, our craziest campground neighbor stories, our must see roadside attractions, the best spots to see whales and so much more.

And, even more than talk about all of this, we want to hear about it so we can put it on our bucket list or, as the case may be, avoid the experience all together. I mean, the RV community is filled with more insight, more knowledge, more wisdom than all of Pinterest put together.

For example, I’ve been dealing with shoes for every occasion for 14 people for 5 years! That’s like 42 plus shoes in an RV. I’m telling you now, there is NO space for that. But, in scrolling through forums, I came upon a full time RV family’s post about shoes. 

I must say, greatest solution ever! Now I have literally made space for gazillions of shoes and they are totally out of sight.

And then just yesterday I was on the Cummins RV Facebook page checking out their generators, for future purchases, and simply gathering info.  I saw they were running the initiative I wrote of above. I thought what a brilliant idea. I wish I’d thought of it, really.  Each week they are posting a new question, for the community to answer. One of the most recent questions is about traveling with animals.

Now, I’m dying to learn tips and tricks for traveling with cats. We have two and it’s been a disaster. I thought Eddy, our dog was bad, but the cats are driving me crazy. So I was looking at the responses and saw some interesting set-ups for cats.

Truly, what I really want are big glass tubes running inside and out of our RV where the cats STAY.  LOL, but since that is virtually impossible, I need ideas and tips. Also, where do I put the litter box? I scoured the responses on the Cummins RV Facebook page and then proceeded to enter the RV giveaway.  I never win anything, but I’m getting a free hat for participating!  🙂 Go get yours before supplies are depleted … FREE stuff!

Knowledge Is Good

RV Community knows about traveling with pets.
Nala, waiting for the opportunity to escape. Photo: Susie Kellogg

I’m simply amazed at the knowledge that can be captured from the RV Community. Whether you are fulltimers, weekend warriors, travel with pets, kids or whatever, the RV Community is very passionate and knowledgeable.

I love being a part of it, I love the way we embrace each other, which is why we always participate in various forums, why I scour Instagram and why I love the new Cummins Facebook Initiative among other things. Any time brands reach out to their fan base, I applaud because that’s how we all stay relative in the community, that’s how we share ideas, tips and inspiration.

So, get out there, start participating, start sharing. If you are new or are hoping to begin RVing, ask questions, take notes, introduce yourself, you’ll be surprised at how open and welcoming everyone is.

When we started, we did zero research. We didn’t even know we could stop at Walmart and rest our weary heads. We were so green, we were traveling so blind. I really wish someone had said, “Hey Susie. Get on some forums. Check out Cummins RV. Go check out GoRVing. Google tips. Stay off Pinterest, you’ll give yourself a stroke.”

The one thing we knew, and only because it was out of necessity, aka budget, was to buy an RV with a solid engine (diesel) and generator because they will last forever. You can redecorate, you can pull up floors, remove entire kitchens, paint, replace furniture (for dirt cheap, I might add), but replacing an engine and/or a generator is big bucks!

We got lucky. The big things have been going strong for 5 years of non-stop trouble. We did pull out our entire front area, the carpet, the kitchen and all the furniture. Cheap. I found cabinets at Lowe’s that were returned and are positively gorgeous and mind-blowingly cheap. I found equally cheap flooring from Lowe’s and a sofa from … Walmart.  We painted the walls too.  All I need to do now is replace the totally decrepit front seats … not cheap.

Traveling blind isn’t fun, knowledge is fun and makes the experience so much easier. I’m gonna head on over to the Cummins RV Facebook page and see if there are any more pet posts, so maybe I’ll see ya there or on our FB page or any of the gazillion other forums!!  🙂

RV Community: Travel Experts

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