Travel Store

We’ve been traveling full time since 2012 and have purchased a lot of gear!!  Some of it has been great and some of it, most of it, has been not so great.  All the gear you see listed in our store has stood the test of time and succeeded in making our travel experiences so much better.   We’ve hand picked all our favorite items and put them in this one-stop shop specifically for our friends.   Now you can order the gear that we highly recommend directly from Amazon AND support us at the same time.   That’s a win/win!! And, in case you want to buy additional items that we don’t have listed, please use this link: Kellogg Show Amazon Shopping – it takes you to Amazon, where you can shop.  You pay the same amount, completely secure and private, but we get a small commission from Amazon! Have fun shopping and thanks so much for the support! xoxoxoxo Dan & Susie