The Real Effects of Hypothermia? Senility and Public Nudity!

More Kayaking, more Contractions, and the floors are 1/2 done!!

Day 27 — First Descents Challenge: These guys are killing it out there, every day for no less than 1 hour in freezing temps!!! Only 3 more days and Dan, Grady, Brody and Kenny have Successfully completed one of the hardest Challenges they’ve ever committed to. They are proud of themselves, but know that this is what God expects of healthy able bodied people. if nothing else, their prayers have been heard and many many more people know about First Descents!!

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  1. says: muh

    maybe for one last plea, u should have the eternal optimist turn into the freezing cold uber human beings that they are……. a lil shivering, whining and/or crying?!?!

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